Wednesday, December 16, 2015

DIY Stockings for Him and Her

Hanging up stockings on Christmas Eve is a very big deal in our house.  My parents did it when we were kids (still do!) and we carried on the tradition for our boys.  I still fill a stocking for each of the kids every year.  They each have special stockings that we used for most of their childhood but from time to time I like to mix it up and make one for each of them.  

Today I wanted to share a couple easy ways to make your own personalized stockings.  For fair play I made a masculine one out of burlap and an unbleached muslin one for the gals.

I found a very basic stocking shape pattern on the net - don't even recall where it was from but just look around and find a shape you like.  I honestly didn't realize there were so many different styles - these are what the stockings in our family have traditionally looked like.

For the guys it's a very quick and easy design...cut out the burlap, apply Gold Creative Medium over a stencil, let dry and the stitch it all together.  I lined both of the stockings with felt but you could use cotton or any other fabric you have on hand.   I added a length of feather boa to each of the finished stockings - darker for the guys and white with sparklie bits for the girls.

The one for the gals was a bit more time consuming but just as much fun.  I stamped the poinsettia image onto the muslin with Memento Luxe ink which is designed to be used on fabrics and ironed to set the image.  I then painted the poinsettias using a variety of All Purpose Inks.  It was so much fun to blend the colors to create a very striking image on the white background...

If you'd like to see step by step instructions with photos check out -


Imagine Crafts featuring Tsukineko:
  • Metallic Creative Medium – Gold
  • Memento LUXE ink – Tuxedo Black
  • All Purpose Ink – Rose Pink, Poppy Red, Red Delicious, Green Apple, Spring Green, Emerald, Lemon Yellow
  • Fabrico Marker – Burgundy
  • Miscellaneous: Burlap; Unbleached Muslin; Felt; Feather Boa; Hot Glue Gun, Sewing Machine
  • The Crafters Workshop – Stencil
  • JustForFun Rubber Stamps – Poinsettia Stamp

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  1. a bit early perhaps but... I wish you and your family a Merry Christmas and a wonderful and creative year!!


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