Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Choosing the tree....

Continuing with holiday traditions one of the big things at our house is the choosing of the tree! I'm sure dh would prefer that we choose a pre-cut tree at a lot somewhere but I like to go the a local tree farm and choose/cut a fresh tree.  I think it's so much fun to walk the farm and choose one of our very own...dh not so much but he's a good sport and follows along after me - then usually back to the first one we saw - LOL!! 

This card was made to honor that tradition!

While we don't have an old car to strap our tree the excitement and love behind it is the same.   This entire card was made in a single layer - how? - lots and lots of masking.  I had so much fun making it, I hope you stop on over to the IMAGINE Crafts site to check it out - Oh Tannenbaum.  You'll find a complete list of stamps, supplies, directions and step by step photos.

Do you decorate a tree each year?
Real or Fake?
When do you put your tree up?

This year we thought we were going to have a real one but we are starting a new venture with our business so we've been so busy buying machines, learning the new process, and trying to keep up with everything we just haven't had time to go and get one.  I think I'll be putting up our little fake tree this coming weekend just so we have something up.

One year at mom's we put up and decorated 8-10 trees - there were large ones, small ones and every size in between.  All of them were decorated with different themes.  It was so much fun but LOTS of work.  I think she had like 5 in her living room alone!  WHAT FUN!  Sometimes they hang their tree upside down - If they did this year I'll be sure to take pics and share.  They've been doing it for years - long before the upside down tree kits were sold in stores.  Everyone thought they were nuts at the time but they were trendsetters - LOL!!


  1. Sweet Card and OMG I want to go to your Mom's house so many tree post lots of pictures. We have a fake one Here It has it's own room at the moment too :)
    hugs Nikki

    1. WOW! Your tree is beautiful - it's so big. Very pretty!! Thanks for sharing :)

  2. That stamp reminds me of back in the 70's and 80's getting a permit to cut down a tree in the forest. Of course we had a pickup truck to bring it home. I wonder if my son remembers. After we got our tree we would go to a town which had the most fantastic light displays and outdoor musicians played in the bandstand . We would drink hot chocolate to warm up. Every year I would make a few more decorations to add and buy my son a special decoration every year which would go on the tree. I miss those days. My roommate will be moving out and then I can put a four foot artificial tree on the file cabinet in the living room. Not much room as the living room is small. Even if I'm the only one to enjoy it I still want to put up a tree and decorate.

  3. Great job creating this scene Roni, every little detail is perfect!

  4. For the last several years I've had an upside down tree decorated with birds that I leave up all year. Last week I decided to redo it in "ice"--glass icicles, snowflakes, raindrops, crystal chandelier pieces, etc. And I moved it from my diningroom to a window next to my crafting table. It;s really lovely when the sun shines through all that glass.


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