Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Baby it's Cold Outside!

Well, after last weekend it feels cold anyway!  Man - it was almost 70 last weekend and today it's in the low 40's.  I can do warm and I can do cold but preferably not in a 3 day time span!

Today I have a fun polar bear card to share with you...

This was such a fun card to make.  The background was created by a single blizzard snowflake stamp that I inked up with the Blue Breeze Kaliedacolor stamp pad.  What's a Kaliedacolor?  It's an ink pad that has 5 individual colored pads in one box - you slide the colors together to ink up your stamp and slide them apart again for storage.  It keeps the inks fresh and they don't bleed together like some pads do.  You can also purchase re-inkers for each individual color which is nice because most multi-colored ink pads you just have to toss once the inks are used up.

I also added a bit of texture here and there - the snowflakes were partially embossed with clear EP.  Since it's a dye ink the EP only stuck here and there for a fun texture.  Then I applied Radiant Neon Amplify! medium to the Santa hat and Pico Embellishers to his nose, eyes, holly berries and the ribbon on his gift.   These little details really help bring the image to life.  Remember, sometimes it's the subtle details that make a big impact on the finished image/project.

You can find all of the instructions here -

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  1. Such a pretty card! I love the blues and the 3D details on the hat are a very nice touch. :)


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