Wednesday, December 2, 2015

2015 Mixed Media Calendar Page - December

O.k.. so I'm a bit late with this one but it is still December so we'll call it good - LOL!!

I had planned on sharing a technique for creating faux texture BUT yesterday inspiration struck and I just had to give it a try.  First let me say when I'm making up techniques like this to share I try to create pages that could be created using a variety of products and still achieve the same look.  So while I'm using a hot glue gun for the example you can use a variety of glues for this technique - for example, you could use Aleene's Tacky Glue, Crystal Lacquer, even Elmers Glue would work.  If you do use these alternate products please keep in mind you'll need to let your images dry over night before moving onto the painting stage.

Let's begin....  

You'll need your calendar page, a less detailed stamp, ink and a Hot Glue Gun (or alternative heavy body glue)

1. Begin by stamping your image 1 or more times on your calendar page.  I like 3's but you can stamp it more or less.

2. Use the glue and trace over the image - it doesn't have to be perfect, we're going for the "idea" of the image rather than an exact replica.  

3. If you have room you can add random dots, dashes or other shapes in the open areas - or not - depending on the look you're going for.  You will need to let your glue cool or dry depending on the type of  glue used.  Since I'm using a hot glue gun, it will cool and set up so it's really solid in about 20 minutes.  If you're using wet types of glue you'll need to let it set overnight.  

NOTE - don't worry about the hot glue strings.  Once your glue has set up solid you can go back and rub your finger over the strings and gather them up & pluck 'em off.

4. Paint the entire page with a solid background color.  I am using Deco Art Metallic paints because it's for December/Christmas time and I like the shine and shimmer.  

5. After you have coated the entire calendar page, use a tissue to dab at the ink.  This does a couple things - it takes away all of the paint strokes and it gives the paint an interesting texture.

6. Paint the images as desired.  Again, I used Deco Arts Metallic paints for each of the poinsettias, flower centers and accent dots.  This technique creates an amazing depth and dimension!  I so wish you could feel and see it in person.

7. Time to add your calendar and any additional embellishments.  I have some vintage German Scrap Santas that went with this page perfectly.

Now I wanted to tell you what inspired me to do this - yesterday while I was at work I was making clips for some harnesses we sew/assemble.  Making the clips involves a hot glue gun - mind you several of us make clips when we have time.  I try to keep all of the hot glue strings picked up because they drive me nuts but the guys don't care so at times the glue builds up over time.  As I was cleaning it up I noticed what a neat pattern some of the glue droplets had made and the idea was born!

I came right home and gave it a try and then tried painting over it and it worked! I love it when that happens.

So there you go #12!  Hope you enjoyed the calendar this year - I promise next year we'll be a bit more timely.  Off to go painting tonite - this time an owl!  Should be fun!


  1. Again, what a great idea!! Thank you Roni.

  2. Too cool. But I know what you mean by glue strings - they drive me crazy, too.

  3. This is gorgeous. Love the idea.

  4. Thanks for the fabulous inspiration, a gorgeous page.

  5. Cool idea- loving the dimension and your metallic colors!

  6. I like the 3D effect the hot glue creates! :)


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