Friday, July 11, 2014

Steamy Thoughts Mixed Media Pendant

If you remember I had made several sheets of the ICE Resin paper...I wanted it to make a mini journal pendant that you could wear around your neck.  No, I didn't have to cover the paper with resin but it makes the paper so durable and tough enough to withstand handling.  I need that durability to incorporate into my pendant because all of the papers are vintage ephemera and some much thinner than others ~ the onion paper in the upper right hand corner and the vintage map pieces in both the upper and lower left hand corners were all more delicate than the others included here. 

Vintage Papers Used:  Blue, White & Red Map, Bingo Card, Onion Paper, ICE Resin Sheet Music, Mica, Cook Book pages, Nat Geo Map, Book Pages, Ledger Pages.

For the covers I covered a couple pieces of chipboard with Copper metal foil on one side and inked then stamped the other side.  

To help tone down the bright copper I rubbed Spiced Chai StazOn Midi ink over both pieces to warm it up a bit.  It really made quite the difference.

I then added eyelets and decorated the front cover with an assortment of real watch and clock gears, a filigree piece and a faux gemstone brad.

Next I layered my papers, poked holes using the front cover as a guide, threaded the covers and inside pages onto a couple pieces of rusty wire and set about making the upper component of the pendant.

I used a Pearl Pen as my guide for the first part of the pendant.  This is what the papers reside on and enables the wearer to flip through the pages.  I also incorporated a mini glass watchmakers parts vial which will be left in the pendant to store important little bits found along the way.

Here's a closer view of the knots...

To finish it off I wrapped a bit of extra wire around the joint knots for an extra little something.  I then used a copper bead between the vial and my hang loop.   I am thinking about trying to solder a cap/loop to a small pencil to hang by a chain but I am really tickled with how it came out.

Some of the inside pages...the ICE Resin sheet music...

mica and bingo pages...

lots of other fun pages...

and the top portion with the vial & copper bead...

I hung it off a very long chain...

I so love creating funky, unique pendants from vintage goodies!
So, what do you think?


  1. I absolutely LOVE it. That is very creative.

  2. I love what you did with the resin papers! The pendant is gorgeous! The vial for extras is a wonderful touch:) Thanks again for sharing, have a great weekend!~kim

  3. Love it! I predict it will FLY out of your Etsy store.

    1. Ya know, I never even thought of putting it in there. Hmmm wonder if it would sell...

  4. What a creative project. Love it,so beautifully done!

  5. Very cool! I love your use of the tiny bottle, and all of the vintage pages!

  6. I LIKE it!!!
    stamping sue


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