Thursday, July 3, 2014

Steampunk Gelatos Tag Art

I thought it would be fun to actually make something with the Steampunk Gelatos so today I have a couple tags for you.  In addition to the 4 Steampun Gelatos I also added gold and silver gelatos.

I started off by scribbling a line of Gelatos across the width of the tag.  I then spritzed with water,

massaged the water into the line of color

then tilted the card so the gelatos would run down the tag.

I did this using Cinnamon, Black Cherry, and Iced Coffee.

I then flipped the tag over and repeated the steps but this time I used the Iced Chai, Gold and Silver.

You can see all of the beautiful metallic shine you get from the metallic Gelatos...  Really looks so much prettier in person.

Now don't waste all of that great colored water that drips off your card.  I always keep a spare tag or two around to soak up the excess.

Next I used a make up sponge to apply more of the Iced Coffee over a stencil.  I simply scribbled the Gelatos onto my craft mat and picked it up as needed with the sponge.  Works very well and is less messy than trying to scribble the gelatos over top a stencil.

I added a bit of stamping and a cut off from the clock I used the other day.

And finished it off with a few more stamped images and some letter stickers!

Stamps: 7 Gypsies Time Pieces (background); 
Steampunk Woman, Clock, Wings, Timer - Deep Red Stamps

I also did a little stamping on the extra tag I soaked up the drippings with!

So there you go...more fun with the Steampunk Gelatos!


  1. Loving those steampunk gelato colors. TFS your fun technique using them, Roni!

  2. These are both amazing! I am somewhat new to gelatos, thanks so much for sharing the way you used them. Always love learning new ways to use things.

  3. WOW!!! these are amazing tags!

  4. These are so cool!! Love that gelato background. :)

  5. IGotta try this......Thanks......Yours backgrounds are lovely......

  6. Wonderful tags! You make the gelatos look so easy! gonna have to play!

  7. I have never try Gelatos, thanks for sharing the idea, beautiful projects!

  8. Ofcourse I like your steampunk tag but the flower is the one I like best.

  9. great tags! I have a few of those gelatos maybe I should get them out and play! thanks for sharing
    stamping sue

  10. I love both of your tags. The steampunk tag is great, I have those Deep Red stamps and love your use of them. The second tag background is so soft and pretty with the daisy. Thanks.


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