Monday, July 7, 2014

Embossing Folder Stamping

Today I wanted to share a fun technique you may have seen before...stamping with your embossing folder.  I decided I wanted to kick it up a notch and use Radiant Neon Inks (from IMAGINE Crafts/Tsukineko)  for a vibrant fun card.

I applied the inks to the side of the embossing folder that had the most surface area ~ the area that would become the background behind the embossed pattern.  I used ink blushers (similar to make up sponges) to apply the ink. 

I applied a light covering of ink in a random pattern.  You'll notice some areas were left uninked because I wanted a more distressed uneven pattern for the final card.

I carefully inserted the paper into the inked embossing folder then ran it through my die cut machine.  Here is what it looks like....  See how you get some really bright areas of color an other areas are more subtle...I love the look - especially with this embossed pattern.

I paired it with a fun vintage image that was stamped in sepia ink.  I added a touch of the pink on the corset and purple around the edges.   When paired with the embossed background it gives the card a fun vintage girly-girl feel don't you think?   

Rubber Stamp: Deep Red Stamps

I used a similar technique for the second card but instead of adding a little ink I added lots of ink by dabbing the ink pads directly onto the embossing folder.

After applying the ink I embossed the cardstock in the same manner as above.  You can see how much more vibrant the second example is against the first.  

I wanted the background to be the star so I kept it pretty simple with adding a die-cut sentiment and while you can't really tell from the photo I applied a layer of Shimmer Goosebumps to the embossed card piece.  It gives it a lovely touch IRL.

So there you go...
another fun way to use your embossing folders.


  1. I love your embossing and how you used them for your cards.

    I have used ink pads directly onto the embossing folder but never daubed the ink on like you did with your first example. I've also inked the other side to get a totally different look. As well as inked the raised side and then instead of using my embossing machine I have used a brayer over the closed folder. Giving me a nice stamped looking impression without the embossing. Embossing folders and inks or paints are so much fun to play with.

    Oh and those neon inks definitely are going on my wishlist. I love the vibrancy of the colors.

    Have a wonderful week and I can't see what you are up to next. :-)

    1. I can't wait to see what you are up to next. Left the wait out of my comment. LOL!

  2. That is gorgeous! I have never inked my embossing folders up - going to have a go now! Love those bright colours and on my wish list now! Thank you for sharing Karen x

  3. Sooooo pretty. The vibrant variation of the Hello card is for me number one.
    Thank you Ronni

  4. Really beautiful, both of them!

  5. What an awesome project and great inspiration to get out my embossing folders with one of my fav lines of ink!

  6. I, too like to play with my embossing folders. your backgrounds are full of great colors.
    stamping sue


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