Sunday, July 20, 2014

Christmas in July Question #6

Continuing with the Christmas in July Give-A-Way...I have a fun question about the new Christmas Classic - A Christmas Story (1983).

What is Ralphie's last name and who actually narrated the voice of Ralphie?

Did you know that story was set in Hammond Indiana in the 40's?  Maybe that's why I love it so much because it's mid-west living at it's best.

You have until 7-26-14 to post your answer!
Good Luck Everyone!!


  1. Ralphie's last name is Parker, and it was narrated by Jean Shepherd. A holiday classic!

  2. Ralphie Parker. A Christmas story was narrated by the author, Jean Shepherd. I've watched it many times!

  3. Ralphie's last name is Parker and it was narrated by Jean Shepherd as the voice of the adult Ralphie in the movie.

  4. Ralphie Parker and narrated by Jean Shepherd. it is a classic! how about the scene with his tongue stuck!!!!!
    stamping sue

  5. Jean Shepherd narrated Ralphie Parker's story. We watch this classic every year without fail.

  6. Jean Shepherd is the narrator and Parker is Ralphie's last name!

  7. My brother-in-law turned us on to this fun Christmas classic not too long ago - don't know how we missed it before! Ralphie Parker's adult voice (and the movie's narrator) is Jean Shepherd; the boy Ralphie is Peter Billingsley, who was also "messy Marvin" in 1970's Hershey syrup commercials :)


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