Friday, November 8, 2013

Holiday Craft Bazaar 2013

I mentioned it in passing in one of my recent posts...I'm headed to more craft bazaars this year.  My son's girlfriend told me she wanted to go again and that she is going to sell some of her knit scarves.   So, since I didn't have as much luck as I would have liked with the necklaces I made last year I'm changing it up this year.
I'm still making cards (I'll share more of those next week) but I'm making lots of other fun stuff...
Homespun Candy Canes
to add to packages or hang on a tree.

Chalk Board Hearts
again, either for packages or ornaments.

Primitive Grungy Tea Lights
These little guys are battery operated and flicker like a candle.

Blue Jean Pockets
I'm going to tuck a note book & pen in each one.
Some decorated others left plain for guys.

They have strong magnets on the back to hang up on the fridge, in a locker, off a tool box, etc.

Chalkboard Coasters
These are fun, I was playing with them before I packaged them up.
I'm going to leave a set open on the table so people can try them out.

I'm also making simple rustic looking stamped gift tags.

Now, I've got lots of other ideas I could make:

What do you think of the following:

Die-Cut Map Ornaments
(it's a sizzix die that looks like 2 diff ornaments)
I was thinking of gluing the map to a piece of chipboard, cut twice and back to back them then do something to the raw edge.

Magnets w/
Buttons, Earrings/Broaches, Pebbles 
I made some of the pebble magnets last year and they sold pretty good which is why I thought I'd try a few more.

Crochet Button Garland....
this is something I saw in a magazine (BH&G I think) - it's just a single crochet strand with buttons incorporated every so often.  Not sure how well that would sell or not.

Crochet Button Bracelets
I thought of this as a spin off of the garland...
Same as above but only with different materials.
I was thinking like one of those bracelets that wraps around your wrist several times?!?!?

I made these on the blog one year.
I need to see how many open cookie cutters I have.

These are the Christmas trees I made a few years ago.
They are time consuming but very pretty....not sure if I could charge enough to make up for the time aspect of it.

Clothespin Magnets
Covered in map or washi tapes.

What do you think of these?
Any favorites?
Do you have other suggestions?
I'm game if I've got the supplies. 


  1. Looks like you've got loads of good ideas.

  2. I've been doing craft fairs for 15 years, mostly at churches or schools. I always had a lot of luck with ornaments or lower priced items. Unfortunately, the shows around my area have almost all stopped--just one this year :(

  3. Die cut map ornament sounds like fun.

  4. They all sound like fun items. Could you make a few of each for the first show, and see what sells best, and adjust as you go? I have never been good at predicting what will sell on any given day, so I just craft for my own pleasure now. I wish you much luck at your shows!

  5. hat didn't sell your last time around? I would give thought to what did or didn't sell in the past and why. I predict those blue jean pockets with notebooks and pens will sell like wildfire. Ditto for the clothespin magnets. Ornaments, I'm not so sure about. Although Craftymoose Crafts had good luck with ornaments, the craft fairs I've been to here in Chicago are overloaded with ornaments that seem not to move. Generally nexpensive, practical and unusual presents seem to go fast. Handmade soaps, lotions, etc. also go well here if they're beautifully wrapped or presented, but I don't know if the Indiana fairs are the same. I saw gorgeous, hand made Christmas stockings (some made to look like shoes and boots!) sell extremely well at one craft fair. I've never had a booth myself, but am thinking about it.


Thanks for your thoughts and comments!