Monday, November 18, 2013

Stamp Surgery - Bow"ectomy"

Today I wanted to share a bit of a project I've been working on.
I am making a card using Stampers Best - Deep Red Stamps Candy Cane. 
Candy Cane Rubber Stamp
Now I love this's got a vintage feel to it don't you think?  Anyway, I thought I might tuck a few into a denim pocket but I didn't want bows on all of them...  It would get a bit crowded I think.  So I decided it was time for surgery!
The first thing I did was to stamp the image twice....

Then I colored one full candy can and the bottom portion of the second.
I used Distress Markers but of course you could use your favorite medium.

I trimmed the colored bottom half of the 2nd candy cane and test fit it to see where it would align properly over the bow.

Trimmed a bit here and there...

and glued it over the bow.

Here is the "new" de-bowed candy cane next to one of the original images.
Looks pretty good huh?

I'll share the completed project with you later in the week :)
BTW, I wanted to give you an update on the Craft Show this past weekend...
It was a mixed review...LOTS of people looking ~ not many actually doing much buying. I had a few repeat customers from last year who bought lots of goodies again...  One lady bought all of the cards I posted last week plus several more which really tickled me.  She loved the cards she bought last year and was so excited to see me again, she bought twice as many as she had.  That made me feel good.
The best seller of everything I made was the clothespin magnets!
I was surprised, those were just a last minute ~ not sure if anyone would buy type of thing.
The things I *thought* would do well didn't...
that's what I get for thinkin' huh?
Morgan (Bob's girlfriend) only sold 3 scarves so she was a bit disappointed but we were in knitting central ~ there were 3-4 other booths right around us that also had knit items...they weren't selling much either so I told her not to feel bad.
Here are a few pics....
Morgan presenting the booth :)

(Morgan made me!)

We have another one here in town on December 6th...
We're hoping for a good turn out AND buyers - LOL!!
Have a great evening!


  1. Doh! I was wondering how you were going to get rid of that bow. Genius. I'd have never thought of doing that. I think the thing with craft sales is that there is no rhyme or reason to why things sell or don't sell. I'd have figured the scarves for $5 would have sold well. But maybe a lot of the attendees are crafters themselves and crochet and knit their own scarves so of course they would not buy them. Matching the items with the market is always the key to successful sales, but it can also be elusive. In PA an acquaintance always made those dipped pretzel rods with sprinkles. Sold them for 50 cents each or 3 for a $1 (this was quite a few years ago) and sold out fast. Now you'd probably have to get 75 cents or 3 for $2 to make a profit. Another good seller there were those things you nuke and put on your feet for warmth. They were a tube, filled with deer corn and stitched shut. Cheap and fast to make. Sold like hot cakes. My dil bought one and I loved using it when we visited--PA is frigid compared to the deep south where I live. Maybe next time you'll do better. TFS.

  2. Love it when you show us ways to get more use out of our stamps and losing the bow was a wonderful idea!! Hoping you do well in the next craft fair but yes, seems like it's harder and harder to sell crafts these days. Trying to anticipate what will sell and what won't can be tough even when all of your items are top quality. Good luck!! And it's so nice to see your sweet face!

  3. Roni, I am so glad that Morgan snapped your beautiful photo. The photo is a lovely remembrance of your day with her sharing your passion to make this world a bit brighter with one creative project at a time!

    As Dinah noted, I so hope that the two of you are not discouraged by the slump in sales. As I read through the blogs that I follow, your description of your day seems to mimic the same scenario that so many other artists encountered at their boutique events. I guess as a Nation, we can be a fickle group. You must have been so excited to have your customer from last year come to the boutique seeking out your lovely cards. Her actions speak volumns and I hope you see it as a much deserved compliment recognizing your talent! My prayers will be with you and Morgan for success at your next boutique appearance.

    Thank you so much for once again sharing with us the candy cane technique that gives such a polished look to your project. I can't wait to see the next installment of this project.

    Roni, will you and Morgan be offering any of your treasures on your Etsy store? You know how this shopper likes to go to your store for my gift giving needs!!! You know the saying, "Why shop on your feet when you can shop on your seat"??!!!

  4. Well, I told you those cards and closepin magnets would go. I think it's great that you sold all that you did!. At the craft fairs I've been to (as a customer) most cards do NOT sell. Your original ideas are great, Roni, keep up the good work. Your candy cane idea is great too!

  5. With the cold weather, I would have thought the scarves would have been first to go! Who can ever figure these things out. I have my only show for this year on Dec. 7, am hoping I do okay. It's always nice to at least cover the table fee. So nice to see you!


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