Saturday, December 4, 2010

25 Days of Hand Crafted Gifts and Ornaments - Vintage Ephemera Christmas Tree - Part 2

I guess when I was cutting circles for Vintage Ephemera Christmas Tree I went a little overboard.  I had LOADS of extra circles left over so I figured what the heck...I'd make some more!

So here you go...these just show you had many different directions you can go with them.

Someone mentioned just leaving the tree natural and distressed looking which was what I did here....

It was tinted with a bit of Heirloom Gold Perfect Pearls Spray for a nice shimmer.  Other than that I left it as is....

Vintage Ephemera Christmas Trees 001

Who says trees can't be pink?  I thought this tree had a Victorian flair to it...oh so girly! 

I used Interference Red Perfect Pearls Spray for this tree...

Vintage Ephemera Christmas Trees 003

And here are all 3 trees together....

Vintage Ephemera Christmas Trees 004

What fun!!

I left these semi undecorated but I was sorely tempted to dig through my stash and really spice them up...just think ~ lace, feathers, sequins, natural leaves, mesh, etc.  there are sooooooo many possibilities....not to mention color and paper options.

As I was making these today I had a thought ~ I thought about making one of these trees for each family we get together with in various colors/themes. 

What do you think? 
Would make a nice gift or not?


  1. I think they would be a great gift. My favorite is the second one with the pearls.

  2. i was thinking when you made the green one how nice it would look in brown and it does..but i do love the shabby pink with the pearls. just beautiful...

  3. Great gift! Can you come to my house? LOL

  4. These are so Amazing!!! I love them! I like them all but the pearls are a perfect touch!

  5. OH, gosh, these would make great gifts. For some reason I cannot seem to find my Christmas decorations for my bookshelves. I have small trees that I have collected over the years and usually disply those. I think I am going to make some of these and start a new tradition.

  6. Roni -

    I think these trees would make splendid gifts. They are just so pretty! I really, really love how they look.

    Elaine Allen

  7. absolutely GORGEOUS
    ~~ especially the white and pink ones!! what awesome gifts they would be, and so unique!

  8. Adorable blog! I would love to have you submit a guest post on "Or so she says..." I'm always on the lookout for creative gals :) Visit for more info on submitting posts...or you can email me. Have a great day!


  9. The trees are awesome. I think they would make fabulous gifts.

  10. Oh, yes! These are great gifts! I do love the vintage gold one; but the pink one is fabulous too wit the pearls.

  11. Oh Roni, I love these more natural ones even more than Friday's tree! They're just beautiful. If you do decide to do the ones with feathers & all sorts of wild things I hope you'll share those with us too. YES I think they'd be fabulous gifts for people you visit during the holidays!

  12. These are absolutely magical ... what a lovely vintage tree forest you've created.

  13. Simply beautiful!! I' love to receive something like this as a gift! The green was great but then you added the others and now I love them all!

  14. Yes, absolutely! These will make great gifts!!! Each and every piece looks great!

  15. Ooooooooh. I love these. The tutorial is excellent. I love your artsy-ness.

  16. Cool gift ideas! Glad I saw this post. I've got an idea. Looking forward for your next post. Keep posting.



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