Tuesday, December 14, 2010

25 Days of Hand Crafted Gifts and Ornaments - Mixed Up Segmented Christmas Tree Ornament

Today I've got another ornament that can easily be a "Green" ornament...when I say green I mean the two main components of this project can be recycled from other goodies.

I'm going to share a Mixed Up Segmented Christmas Tree Ornament.  I tried to think of a better name for it but I couldn't come up with anything...


Chipboard (new or recycled) or Grungeboard
Christmas Pattern Paper or Christmas Wrapping Paper
Distress Ink (optional)
Ink Blending Tool (optional)
Eyelets (11 per tree)
Hole Punch
Jumprings, Ribbon, Jute, Elastic Cord, etc.
Embellishments (optional)
Tree Pattern (below)

You will need to create a pattern similar to this.  If you want you can actually save this image to your computer and resize it as needed which is what I do.  You can ignore the sizes written on the pattern.  This was for another project I made. I actually printed the tree out for this project at 4.25 x 6"

25 Days of Gifts & Ornaments - Segmented Tree 003


1. Trace the tree on your chipboard.  I am using a portion of a lid from an old puzzle box I had in my stash!  You will need at least 2-3 trees but you could make more if desired.

25 Days of Gifts & Ornaments - Segmented Tree 004

2. Cut out each of the trees.

3. Cover each tree with a different pattern paper or different types of wrapping paper (new or recycled!). 

25 Days of Gifts & Ornaments - Segmented Tree 005

4. Trim away excess paper from each tree. 

5.  Sand all of the edges.

6. (optional) If desired you can color the edges with Distress Inks and the Ink Blending Tool.  I used Forest Moss on all three of my trees.

25 Days of Gifts & Ornaments - Segmented Tree 006

7. Cut each tree into 3 equal parts.  Since my trees were 6" tall I cut each section 2".  (this is where the "segmented" part of the name comes in)

25 Days of Gifts & Ornaments - Segmented Tree 007

8. Now mix 'em up! 

25 Days of Gifts & Ornaments - Segmented Tree 008

9. Punch holes in each of the segments.  I find it's easier to keep the holes lined up if you place the two sections together (either back to back or face to face) and punch the holes in both sections at one time.  This works great if you are using a Crop-A-Dile...it cuts through both pieces like butter!  If you are using a standard hole punch then you can punch the holes in one section then place the second section over the holes and use the existing holes as a guide.

25 Days of Gifts & Ornaments - Segmented Tree 009

10. Add eyelets to each hole and secure.

11.  Bind the sections together using any combination of the following:  jumprings, ribbon, decorative fibers, jute, wire, cord, elastic cord, raffia, etc.

25 Days of Gifts & Ornaments - Segmented Tree 010

12. Add a piece of ribbon, elastic cord, etc. in the upper most hole for a hanger and Enjoy!!

13. (optional) If desired you could embellish the tree with extra goodies.

25 Days of Gifts & Ornaments - Segmented Tree 012

25 Days of Gifts & Ornaments - Segmented Tree 013

Since you're working on multiples at one time these trees go very quickly.  They not only make great ornaments for the tree but they also work well as package decorations, can be stuck on or in a greeting card, used as embellishments on a scrapbook lay-out, etc. 


  1. Those are wonderful! Looks like something easy enough for anyone to do.

  2. Hi Roni -

    Love the look of these trees. So very different. And I like that they are quick, they would be sweet with some glitter on them too. Thanks for another great project.

    Elaine Allen

  3. This idea could be used to make some really cute Christmas earrings, too! Thanks for another great project, Roni. My children will enjoy making these as gifts for their teachers!

  4. You are just amazing! These are so awesome!!!!! I can't wait to try this!

  5. Really love this one!! I don't have any chain links, but will make jump rings out of wire. I've had a bunch of colored wire sitting around for years!

  6. Super fun trees today. I love your creativity. Happy Holly Jolly Joy...

  7. I love this! So cute and easy! Another great project Roni!

  8. Great trees, Roni!! I can also see them layered (overlapping each section) on a card! Love the papers you used.

  9. These are really pretty and look easy to make. I think these could be made in any size and look really cool. Make it bigger and hang on the door instead of a wreath..I love it!!

  10. have to make these for Christmas gift toppers! thanks for the idea!

  11. i'm curious: how do you cut the clipboard??


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