Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Washi Tape Collage - Butterflies & Blooms

Washi tape comes in all sorts of colors but my favorites are the black and whites.
Why you might ask?
Because like b&w pattern paper or white flowers & ribbon ~
it gives me the luxury of coloring it myself. 
I can color match the tape to my existing project or create my own color palette to match any theme.
Today I wanted to take some of this black and white washi tape, a black tag and a bit of color to create a fun washi tape collage.

To begin I simply started layering on the various washi tapes in random patterns.
Some over lap while others are butted side by side.
I just continue to add more and more layers....

If you happen to get a piece of tape that doesn't want to stick simply use a tape that has more sticky power to cover the disobedient piece of tape.

Continue until virtually the entire tag has been covered.

Now trim off any tape hanging over the edge and use an exacto knife to trim around the reinforcement ring at the top.  The tape peels off very easily once cut.

Now you don't have to but I like to go over the tape with my bone folder to make sure all of the various bits and pieces are securely adhered to the tag.

You can use the tag as it is or you can go ahead and color it as desired.
Today I went ahead and used my gelatos.

I scribbled color over various areas of the tag then used my finger to spread and blend the colors over the tag.

Here's how it turned out.

I went ahead and added some fun embellishments to finish it off...
(the Frozen Charlotte doll is one I made using the FC mold.)

So there you go...
a really fun way to use LOTS of your washi tape in a not so conventional way.

You could also take this same random collage approach using colored washi tapes. 
Maybe go for a monochromatic color theme or a rainbow effect or... well, you get the idea.  The possibilities are endless!


  1. Love it! I'm going to try washi collage this weekend!

  2. what a great look - I think I like it better just the black and white! Thanks for the inspiration.
    Sandra ltb

  3. No so convential - but unique and brilliant and inspriring - gorgeous
    thanks for the step by step workshop and - the use of colour too - ace!

  4. I love how you added color with the gelatos.

  5. What a great idea! The tag is beautiful.

  6. The black and white background really makes the color stand out! I would really like to know what you are using to hold the washi tape.

    Crafty Journal

  7. Great collage look! I like the ring you have your tapes on... trying to decide how to keep my rolls of washi!

  8. Great post! I was looking for a few articles on washi tape and I came across yours inspiring read.


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