Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Washi Halloween Cards

Today I wanted to share how you can mix traditional washi tape with Halloween tapes to create some fun looking Halloween cards.... and no, these aren't those bright cheery cards you see all over the place!
 In this first card I used several Non-Halloween washi tape designs (orange/yellow stripes; green vines; black stitches) to bring together a fun border strip.  With the addition of some spooky stamping it's a perfect match.
Note: all stamps used are Just For Fun Rubber Stamps.
Washi Tapes - all sorts of mfg. 
I've been collecting decorative tapes for a few years now.

For this card I used a purple lace washi between a spooky looking Trick or Treat washi tape plus the flowers are made from purple argyle washi and the leaves are green script washi tape.
On this card I used a diamond border tape between the spider & web tapes.
This card needs something else but I haven't decided how to finish it off....
Maybe a glittery spider die-cut.

And here's a hodge podge of different Halloween & traditional tapes.
The stitches, loop and lace tapes work well to break up all the holiday designs.
Again, this card needs something but not quite sure just what I'm going to use to finish it off yet.

So there you go...
don't be afraid to mix and match your tapes
to go a bit dark on your designs....
not everything washi needs to be bright and cheery.


  1. These are great. Thanks for sharing your ideas.

  2. Love washi tape & Halloween is my fav holiday - amazing cards as always :)

  3. These are marvelous, Roni. Very creative. I think I'll check out my Washi Tape.

  4. These are Roni!! Guess I need to get creative with my tapes now!

  5. almost seems like cheating, no? great cards Roni - I am going to have to start my stash!
    Sandra ltb

  6. I really must try and find some washi tape - it'll have to be online as no shops where I live. It's so versatile - at least you make it that way!

  7. I LOVE, LOVE the Halloween washi tape. I haven't ever seen any.

    Crafty Journal

  8. I'm a big fan of Halloween! I want to find more Halloween washi tape designs! Really fun cards!


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