Friday, August 16, 2013

Tea Time... finally!

Ever have one of those days...
Yesterday was my day!
I had the grand plan to clean our Excursion.  We bought if from some folks that had kids and dogs...and never cleaned it out!  I set about the task of cleaning the leather seats on Wednesday but wasn't having much success so after 2 hours I gave up.  Dh suggested I look on line to see if anyone had any tips or magic tricks. 
I did and I found a detailing forum and they had an article about leather not being as delicate as mfg's like to make you think.  They said to use a leather cleaning product (which I had) with a soft bristle brush!  So I ran right out to dollar general, picked up a brush and set to work.
Well, I must say that guy was right!  The cleaner and the brush worked like magic...slow magic but still, it worked REALLY well.  It got all of the grunge down deep in the little crevices of the leather and it looked great.
Here is the seat...left side before cleaning, right side after!
All of the seats were like that...
so, by the time I cleaned all the seats (3 rows); vacuumed & used carpet cleaner and then armor-all'ed everything I was exhausted!  I spent almost all day on it (10-4:30) minus an hour lunch break.  My hands hurt, my arms hurt and I was ready to quit so that's why there was no post yesterday.
The good part is the Excursion is now bright and shiny!
And it smells good too - LOL!!
I had planned on a couple more washi tape ideas (yesterday and today) but I got an order of brand new rubber!!  7kidscollegefund is now carrying Crafty Individual stamps!!!
I LOVE these stamps!
I've wanted them for quite a while now but with the conversion rate & shipping to the US I never thought I'd be able to get any.
Well, since 7kids are now carrying them I ordered several different stamps....
This being one of my favorites...
Take a Little Time for Tea....

I used Distress Stains and Spectrum Noir to color the image then I added a wee bit of Stickles (on the flower centers and tea cups) then finished off the clock with a layer of Rock Candy Crackle Paint.
I can't wait to cut up the rest and start playing with them.
I don't know if you're metric measurement challenged but I should warn you some of the stamps in a few of the sets are tiny...
Seriously tiny... 
For example, the star (by the deer's rear end) is about 1/4" and the ornament is about 5/16" wide.
I think once stamped they will be cute with the trees which are between 1 3/4" (the small evergreen tree) to 2 1/2" (feather looking tree by the deer). 
MINI CHRISTMAS TREES Unmounted Rubber Stamp from Crafty Individuals
I'm sure I'll be sharing lots of cards using these new stamps soon...
I can hardly wait to get stamping with them.
Next week I'll share a couple more washi tape ideas
and announce the give-a-way for some.
Hope to see you then!


  1. Nice job on the leather! Wow...teeny tiny is right. Good luck cutting them apart! Hugs

  2. Good detailing job Roni!!! And it was worth it all the way!!!

  3. Sheesh, I got so distracted with your gorgeous leather seats that i forgot to comment on your beautiful card. LOVE this image!!

  4. Wow Roni you did a fabulous job on cleaning the leather and I am also a fan of crafty individuals stamps. Purple is my favorite color so between the gorgeous image and color I love your card! xx

  5. Roni, you are a true force of nature. I can't believe the amount of work that went into bringing the car back to life, and then you somehow found the strength to write your blog!!! How do you do it girl?
    I have to tell you that I was so happy just to hear the leather cleaning tip that I am going to use on my leather sofas. Boy, do the arms of a sofa take a beating in my home. (I hope I am not alone on this issue!)
    Those stamps are amazing and your attention to detail is nothing short of a true Roni masterpiece.
    Thank you for caring enough about us to find that last drop of energy to give to your fan are the best!

  6. Hi Roni, great card. I love Crafty Individuals. Did you know it's anything goes over at their challenge this month? You should enter this. You could win more stamps and there's a 25% discount to the website just for entering. And your order would be vat free cos you are in the US. Check it out at!!!

  7. As much as I love those tree stamps, I don't do tiny! Thanks for the heads-up.

    Armor-All may not be the best choice for the interior of your SUV. It tends to dry out whatever you put it on (e.g. vinyl covered dash, etc.) and makes it crack. Before swiping anything on your seats, etc., look at the list of ingredients and see if there are any drying agents in it. If you're like me, you have to drive those expensive vehicles until the wheels fall off so you want them to stay in decent shape as long as possible.

  8. Very pretty card Roni - love your colour scheme. Thanks for buying our stamps over there, and thanks for joining in the Crafty Individuals Challenge for August. Jean x

  9. Fabulous stamps and beautiful colouring - love it


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