Thursday, August 29, 2013

Swap Time!

I know, some of you are saying it's about time ;)

Several people have been asking for another swap so I thought I'd post to see what you're wanting to swap.  Most of the people who e-mailed don't have any preference but a few have asked for ATC's while others have asked for more Altered Charms (Halloween in particular - My Personal Fav).  
Someone also suggested a postcard swap (decorate a postcard and send it to a swap partner).
I thought an ephemera swap might be fun but again, it's up to you all... 
I'm game for whatever you want. 

The poll isn't working, not sure what's up with it so please e-mail or post your preference here.
I'm thinking of an early October due date.
More than enough time to make and send our goodies.
Can't wait to hear your ideas!


  1. Yay! ATC and Charm are my preference...however an ephemera one sounds intriguing too....

    Hollie asked me to post that she votes for ATC and Charm as well...


  2. I vote Halloween charm swap.


  3. I will do any swap you coordinate. ATC's and charms always work. thanks as always for sharing.

  4. An ATC swap would be great. I am also interested in the ephemera swap-like what sort of things would be swapped for that.

    Thanks Roni! You're the best! :)

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  6. Hi Roni, I'm thinking an ephemera swap would be fun, also how about an Inchie or Twinchie swap?? Just an idea for something a little different. I'm certainly up for whatever you decide. Cheers for now Sandie :)

  7. I am game for any of those.. I like swapping ATC's never have swapped charms... and always seem to add in Ephemera with my swaps... I have followed you for some time but never have swapped here.. even know I am a swap addict.. do many on facebook thou

  8. Charm swap--especially Halloween.

  9. Roni, as you know, I have not been part of a swap, but I think that its time. I love the idea of an ATC or charm. Or how about an ATC with a Charm for Halloween. Your swap last year, the pieces shared were amazing!

    Sandie mentioned an Inchie or a Twinchie. I would love to know what they are! I am always up for learning about something new especially if they have such fun names!
    Love to you and your willingness to coordinate,

  10. In reply to your comment Kathy ... Inchies are a 1" x 1" square of chipboard or card stock that you decorate, normally with a theme set. Twinchies are just the same but 2" x 2". (hangover is allowed)I have done a few swaps with a local group and they are so much fun. Cheers :)

  11. I'm newer to this, so I will go along with the majority...but...two linked swaps? An ephemera swap and then a swap using bits of what you recieved???

  12. I love your swaps & I am game for anything. ATC and/or ephemera is something I have never done, however.

  13. Luv ur swaps would b happy to participate in anything.. Has anyone tried any of the new prima doll stamps?? I have some but haven't done anything with them yet.tags seem to b very popular using the doll stamps. Might b fun!!

  14. Yea swap time! Charms or ATC in Halloween theme.

  15. Never swapped. hope to join. ATC's great. charms a definite maybe...


Thanks for your thoughts and comments!