Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Stencils & Distress Stain

I don't know if you've tried using Distress Stains on stencils or not but getting it down into all those crevices without the stains blowing out around the edges is almost impossible.  So, I thought rather than trying to get the stain on the paper how about just putting the stain on the stencil and laying the paper over top.
Here's what I did....
First I inked up the stencil with several different colors of stain. 
You'll notice that they bead up and don't cover the stencil very well.

No worries, give it a couple mists of water.

Then lay a sheet of cardstock over the stencil and press it into the stencil for a few seconds....10-15 should do the trick.  Just long enough for the inky water to soak in.
Peel it off and check it out!
Now, with a couple mists of water you can use up most of the rest of the ink left on the stencil for a second impression.

I then peeled the stencil off my non-stick craft mat and placed the inky stencil on another sheet of cardstock for a totally different look...

There is also some ink left on the craft mat in the perfect design of the stencil.
Don't let that go to waste, use more cardstock or pull out some blank tags and ink those puppies up.

So for one inking of the stencil I got 3 very cool impressions on cardstock

and 4 inked up tags!

Here are a couple cards I made using a couple of the impressions...


  1. Fantastic Roni. Great backgrounds, great cards

  2. This is a really good way to get a lot for your $$. Another way might be to use Distress Ink refills and a wet cosemetic sponge,using the stencil in the traditional way. but without as many printings as you get here. (I'm assuming Distress Stains are Distress Ink in dauber bottles.)

  3. What a fabulous idea! Now to dig up my stencils...

  4. That's awesome to get 3 uses! Plus I love love love that John Wayne stamp!! :)

  5. I'm gonna dig out some stencils and work on something similar, thanks for sharing!

  6. Where can I purchase the John Wayne Rubber Stamp and saying?

    1. John Wayne is from Deep Red Stamps/Stampers Best and the sentiment is from Club Scrap's Equestrian collection.


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