Monday, August 19, 2013

Miss You Washi Postal Art Tag

I realize that washi tape isn't for everyone
but I'm having lots of fun with it, I like being able to take something *inexpensive and use it to create backgrounds, embellish with it, mix and match in any old way I please.
So, I wanted to show and share a bit more.
*NOTE - Yes I said washi tape was inexpensive.... I know lots of people think otherwise but just think about it....  When you consider how many feet are on the normal roll divided by the price it's actually a really cheap embellishment.  I have found tape for around 2.00 - 3.50 a roll, the new Scotch tape is only 1.49 or 1.99 a roll which is even better.  Most rolls have 25-45 feet or more tape per roll; even if you paid $3.50 for 25ft. that's only $0.14 a foot!  Far less expensive than stickers, gemstones, fancy ribbon, etc. AND it's more versatile too!

Someone else mentioned that you can make your own washi tape by using regular masking tape, stamping and coloring it any old way you please!  That is a great solution and very economical as well.  You not only save money but it's far more personalized to your project.
Miss You
Washi Postal Art Tag
I found some washi tape that screamed postal art and would pair perfectly with a few stamp sets I have.  I started off with a black tag...
and added some strips of washi in a diagonal pattern.
I left enough space between each strip so that I could stamp a few postal related images...

So now you've got a fun tag already but let's kick it up a notch...

I used Picket Fence Distress Stain on an "Air Mail" and a Cancellation Mark stamp.
These were alternately stamped in each strip between the washi tape.

Here's what it looks like at this point...

I then stamped a little postman and package and mounted them onto the tag
added some ribbon and finished it off with a little Miss You on the package.
You could add a little message on the back of the tag with a white gel pen.

and here's a close up of the little guy...
he was colored with Spectrum Noir markers.

Have a wonderful day!!
Now, go get inky!!


  1. Love that washi tape on the black tag.

  2. Okay I am seriously jealous of your washi tape collection.....I totally love how you used all your postal themed ones for this background and your little postman is just adorable. A great Missing you Tag.

  3. What a lovely idea. Never thought about useing it this way.Thank you Anneke.

  4. Very cute! Another alternative to masking tape - paper tape from the pharmacy. And it's white! Easy to change the color of it.

  5. This little guy is adorable!! You go girl!!! Thanks for bringing washi tape to front of the table!

  6. Loving it, and the little postman is so cute.

  7. love this ... where do you find your tape?
    Sandra ltb

  8. These tapes are amazing love the postal ones how kewl they would be on all my letter I mail out can decorate the envelopes too WEee must find some now :)

  9. Wow wow wow wow wow - you have a God given flair for 'seeing' things a different way and achieving such original works of art - fabulous

  10. Love this tag! It really looks like the old fashioned air mail envelopes! The dark background really adds to it.

    Crafty Journal

  11. Hey Roni..what kind of ring do you have your washi tape on? Looks like a great idea for storage.

  12. Love these! You've got some great designs in washi tape!

  13. Gosh, the tags is so nice! And it is so rare to find a stamp image of postman, <3 <3 <3!!!


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