Monday, May 6, 2013

New Endeavor - Instructor for The Art Studio - Scrapbook News & Review!!!

I just found out it's o.k. to spill the beans!

I am now an instructor for The Art Studio over at Scrapbook News & Review (SNR for short).   I had resisted until recently because....well, for lots of reasons.  First I wasn't sure about time issues;  sometimes there are "politics" when you work for some companies (I am so not doing that again); and then there's the fact that I'm shy....really I am. 

BUT Miguel (he's one of the guys who runs The Art Studio part) talked to me about it all and convinced me that I wouldn't have to worry about any of those issues there/here!

I am so excited, all of my classes are going to be PDF form ~ no video (WHEW!!!)  You can work at your own pace and the classes/art gallery will be available indefinitely once you purchase the no rushing through to meet a deadline like some classes out there.

My first class is something that is near and dear to my heart....Alcohol Inks!!!!   I have been working on it for the last month or so and put the finishing touches on it today.  The class will go live on 5-19 which happens to be a celebratory weekend at SNR/TAS - 5 year Anniversary!

This class is FILLED with all sorts of fun and informative information - starting with supplies then going through many different techniques using all sorts of materials.  I'm working on a follow up class that consists of advanced techniques incorporating all sorts other mediums.
As a little perk for you guys I will be giving away a spot in my first class to one lucky reader!!
Tell me about a class you'd like to see taught (can be a technique class or project based class). 
You have until 5-18 to post
at which time I'll draw one lucky winner at random!
Good Luck Everyone!!!


  1. I think any class by you would be great Roni. You are so filled with techniques. Actually I am really dumb when it comes to alcohols inks, although I have tried your hairspray technique with some success, so this class would be a perfect one for me. Glad you are back posting again.

  2. Congratulations Roni!

    Any classes you offered would be a wealth of knowledge and inspiration!

  3. Congratulations Roni! How exciting. :) I love all of your techniques, but I esp love the ways you show us how to use our regular supplies in unusual combos. (The one that sprang to mind was the AI's and hand sanitizer) Best of luck chickadee!

  4. Would love a class on mixed media techniques. The alcohol ink one sounds great though.

  5. Oh how exciting for you...Anything you do is inspirational.

  6. Congrats Roni! Love your techniques which stuff we have around the house. But how about one on using the Vintaj patinas.

  7. What great news, I will have to sign up for the alcohol ink class. Any technique classes I love, more ways to use the supplies we already have. Wishing you lots of success in this new venture.

  8. Congrats on your new gig! And I love that it's PDF format; I don't like classes that I have to be near a computer for. My studio is already too crowded!

    You already share SO MUCH information on this blog; it's hard to think of something I might like to learn that you haven't already covered. (But you do keep surprising me with new techniques and I thank you for that; I have several bookmarked to try in the future.)

    One thing I do have too much of is paper that is not quite my style or not quite the right color. I'm always stumped as to how I can alter it to fit my project without making it wrinkled or obscuring the design too much. Would love a class on altering what I have to make it work for what I need.

  9. Congratulations. I'm so excited for you.

  10. Roni, did you hear my scream of excitement all the way from California?!!!!!!! I am so incredibley happy for you on so many levels based on all of the conversations that we have shared. I can't think of any artist who is more deserving of this marvelous opportunity. I can't wait to see the reaction from your next group of new, loyal followers.

    When it comes to possible class ideas, I can never get enough of how you alter and upcycle your unique, found, items such as your beautiful Easter Egg with the small scene inside.

    Perhaps, while you are taking us through the project's procedural steps, you could simultaneouslsy explain your process for selecting, gathering, and organizing all of the materials that you will need for completting the project. For instance, how do you decide which inks would have the most successful application for your project? How do you plan a lay out for your design, and do you have any organizational tips and tricks for our beloved bits and pieces of paper and ribbon from our "too good to part with" stash.

    I really need help in this area. For instance, when I get an idea for a particular project, I start the process that resembles a thematic hunting and gathering expedition. My crafting space is small, but it is well organized and clearly labled. When I am gathering my materials, I grab everthing that I feel might be a contender as the perfect embellishment to be altered into a one of a kind bit of magic. Unfortunately, despite my best efforts, the end result quickly becomes missing materials, an unusable work space, and my creative mojo on hiatus.

    Even with my best intentions, because in real life I am an organizational junkie, I just can't seem to get organizational handle for this one piece of lost terrain in my home. I still have parts of Christmas projects laying under Valentines' Day supplies. My desk now looks like an archaeological excavation site.

    I hope that I am not alone in facing my mountain of mix-media. This is an SOS appeal for the calling of, Stop Our Slop or How to Clear the Clutter from the Creative Windmills of My Mind. Bottom line Roni, I wll be taking all of your classes! I am just so incrediably proud of you and this well earned honor.


  11. Congratulations Roni, I'm really happy for you! Well done!


  12. Congratulations! You will do great! I would love to see some Mixed-Media ideas using a canvas. I've had so much doing this lately, but seem to be a little hesitant to add too much. Thanks, Roni, and have fun!

  13. Congratulations Roni! They picked the perfect person for this new venture. I agree with others that have posted in regards to your great techniques. I really enjoy techniques that involve the Distress Inks.

  14. Congratulations!

    Anything regarding techniques, such as working with mists, stencils, stains, inks, etc.


  15. Congratulations, Roni!! What a great opportunity for you and also a well deserved one!

  16. Congrats Roni! You will do a wonderful job! I would love to see a class on mixing ink and paint and paper and more to create jewelry and bookmarks. (and how to make them durable)

  17. Congratulations Roni! I will look forward to your classes in the future. I just love your blog so I hope you will continue posting regularly like you have been.

    As for the class I would like? I love to play with paints and such and make background for cards. But my biggest problem is how to finish the background I created. Sometimes I hate to cover it up and other times I don't think covering it up does justice to the background. So a class which would show different ways to use a 'background' but still feature the technique you used would be great.

    Thank you for giving the opportunity to win a seat in your first class.

  18. Congratulations that is very exciting.

  19. I think any class you teach would be just fantastic. That said, I'd love to see a class on journal making techniques.

  20. Congratulations Roni! You are a great teacher and you'll do a great job.

    I'd like to see a card class that shows how to make a card that 'works' instead of looking like a bunch of stuff thrown together and glued to cardstock. I don't want to just learn design theories, I want to see them in action--visually, because I am a visual learner.

    I keep thinking there has to be some basic design stuff that always works. I've learned through trial and error, for example, that if I am working with pastel colors, throwing in a primary color can throw things way off.

    I often know a card doesn't look good, but I don't know why.

    Hope you understand what I'm trying to say...LOL.


  21. Congrats! I would love a class in mixed media.

  22. I can't wait for this class! I LOVE Alcohol Inks & can't wait to learn more!

  23. Congrats Roni! Very exciting news! I know your class will be fabulous!
    I love the technique classes. I'd love to learn more about Copic markers.

  24. congrats on your first class! I love alcohol inks too!!

  25. So exciting! I would love a mixed media class too! You are so inspiring to me and I feel certain that anything you do would be amazing:)


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