Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Lovely Mica Charms - Pt 2

O.k...when I left you yesterday I was letting the mica sheets that I glued together dry.

And today we're ready to spice it up a bit.

So, the first thing I'm going to do is add some holes and eyelets...

Lovely Mica Charm 1
Once I have the eyelets set I took a piece of 10g. aluminum wire and bent it so it loosely resembled the piece of mica.... 
NOTE: Aluminum wire is REALLY easy to work with.  It's very pliable unlike other types of wire.
Lovely Mica Charm 003
Once I got it to roughly the shape I wanted I made a loop at the top and wrapped the excess wire around that loop.
Lovely Mica Charm 004
Next I cut 5 - 12-16" pieces of 32g. wire.  I folded each wire in half.   To secure the mica piece to the wire frame I threaded the wire around the wire through the eyelet several times.  I tried to make sure the wire was wrapped around two edges if possible to add a bit more stability to the mica piece.  This will just ensure it's being held in one spot once finished.
Lovely Mica Charm 005
After each corner was wrapped with wire you're basically done!
Lovely mica charm 007
When I was going through my dictionary trying to find a word to use on the "Lovely" charm I found this wicked octopus image and decided to use it on a charm as well.  I finished this one off by wrapping the wire through each eyelet and making a loop at the top.  This was much quicker and gives the charm a whole different feel don't you think?
Lovely mica charm 009
Ahhhh, gotta love that mica!!


  1. This is wonderful..Where does one fine mica tiles like this?

  2. This is so cool!! thank you so much for the step by step and inspiration!!!

  3. Roni~ I was wondering, how do you keep the mica from shattering when you punch the holes through it?

  4. Roni, I was surprised to see you setting eyelets in the mica. I would have thought it would break, not that I have tried it myself. What's the trick?? Kee and me obviously have the same worries.....

  5. Love these charms! I haven't ever used mica, but now I really want to give it a try. Thanks!


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