Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Just Stuff...

Hey everyone!
I hope you're all having a wonderful week so far.  I wanted to post an update on a few things and let you know what's going on. 
First and foremost I will be drawing the winners in the MEGA Stamp Give-a-Way very soon.  I'm hoping to post them tomorrow.   I did a bit more organizing and I found several more sets of stamps - YEAH!!!  So there will be that many more winners :)
Next, I am so very excited...I have a secret that I will be able to share with you all very soon.  It's something many people have asked about over the years that I'd never really considered until recently.  I finally took the plunge but ....  that's all I can say for now.  I *hope* once I am able to tell you all about it you will be excited as well.  It is very time consuming so at times I may be posting later in the day than I normally  would but don't worry...I'm still here :)
I'm sure many of you know that this Saturday is National Scrapbook Day.  I will be participating in a Club Scrap Blog Hop!  I hope you'll be able to stop by and check it out :)
That's about all for now... just wanted to keep you in the loop :)


  1. Can't wait to hear your news Roni, I'm all ears!!!

  2. Way to make us die of curiousity Roni! :) Can't wait to hear your good news!!!

  3. Coming from you I'm sure We will love it. Can't wait to see what it is..

  4. Can't wait to hear your news! I hope you have a great day!

  5. Very mysterious. Fingers crossed for the mega stamp draw.....

  6. Hmmm, can't think what your surprise news will be....since it's something you haven't considered in the past. Otherwise I would think it's another book in the making!

  7. we all are curious to know...I
    love your posts full of good techniques..
    and good content, excellent source of inspiration. thanks for all your work

  8. I hope you can share your good news soon! Inquiring minds want to know...


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