Thursday, May 30, 2013

*Create* Altered Mini Mint Tin

Hi All ~

I was cleaning off my desk yesterday ~ I have the piles disease....I am constantly battling piles everywhere ~ anyway, I found a nifty little mint tin I got at Hobby Lobby....  (These things are so good!).  So I decided that after my desk was clean that was going to be the first thing I played with.

Well, I started off with an idea that had been rolling around in my brain for a while and I pulled out some of my Graphic 45 8" paper from the Curiosity Shoppe (yes, I'm hoarding it) and went to work.
I wanted the other side of this print for the front and inside of the tin so I placed the tin over the paper face down and traced around it.  For the inside of the tin I traced the bottom of the tin since it was a bit smaller.  It fit in the inside of the lid perfectly but I had to do some trimming for the inside bottom of the tin.
(this is what the other side looks like...)
And that's where things sort of went blank...
I guess I really got in the zone because from there out I didn't even think about taking another picture until I set it down to dry.
(slap my forehead!!!)
here is how it looks so far....
I glued the paper to the front of the tin, inked the edges and added some ribbon around the edge of the lid.  The star is a little rusty metal star I had in my stash ~ I thought it went perfectly.

Then I went to work on the inside...
You can see the background paper but I also cut out the eye chart, mini butterflies and nifty lady!  I also added a few mini feathers and some tiny eggs I had in my box of goodness.

Tomorrow I'll be back to show you how I finished it off...

Till then ~
have a wonderfully inky evening!


  1. A gorgeous altered tin.

    Have a lovely weekend

  2. My favorite paper design, ever! Love the tin!!

  3. Love your tin,Very pretty!!!

  4. I have been working with these papers myself. Fantastic collection. Oh Roni, yesterday I got back from a little trip to England and there was a package waiting for me from you. Thanks for the stamps. They are lovely.


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