Friday, May 10, 2013

Color Changes Everything!

Today's post is a reader request from Melanie.  She is new to stamping and e-mailed me recently asking how I choose colors for my cards.  She says she's having a hard time figuring out how to go about making them and she also mentioned that she is spending more time trying to decide what colors and embellishments to use than she is actually making a card.

First off is I always think about what I want the card to convey as far as seasonal influences; personalization for the recipient; or just what I'm feeling like that particular day.  I might be feeling goofy and want to use a smart or funny comment; I might be thinking of a special memory about that person that I want to incorporate somehow; It might be a beautiful spring day that influences my choices.  Heck, it might just be a new stamp that catches my fancy that I have a need to ink.

As far as embellishments go, I also try to reflect those same intentions and feelings with the embellishments.  

The following is an example of how colors and embellishments can change the entire look and mood of a card.  All of the stamps used are exactly the same for each card, only the ink color and cluster of embellishments have been changed.
You'll probably notice that I have a thing for 3's. 
I think embellishments have a nicer balance if used in odd numbers. 
3 is my favorite but sometimes I also go for 5 ~ 2 at the top; 3 at the bottom type thing.

SS - Var Theme - Daisies
SS - Var Theme - Celebrate
SS - Var Theme - Dream
SS - Var Theme - Love you
SS - Var Theme - Mom
SS - Var Theme - Love
SS - Var Theme - Autumn
I hope this helps explain a bit about how I go about choosing colors and embellishments for a card.
  How do you choose?


  1. Very lovely cards and lovely different touches with each Green one is my fave hugs Nikki

  2. I'm always amazed at how just a different colour scheme can alter a card so much - loving all of these and hard pressed to pick a favorite

  3. Wow, thanks for this Roni. You have really made a point here. What a beautiful layout. The colours and embellishments really do speak for themselves. I probably use the try it and see method. Definitely not so organised as you. Next time I am stamping and get a layout I like I must try repeating in different colours, just to see.

  4. Lovely lovely lovely! Yes it's amazing how ink color changes the feel of the card. Thanks for reminding us don't need a ton of layers to make a stunning card!

  5. What a really great post! It sure has opened my eyes. I can commiserate with ladies who procrastinate over color and embellishment as I too waste far too much time. Please, please do more of this kind of post. It is so enlightening.

  6. Very nice. It is amazing how the color can change the 'feel' or mood of a card. And it is also a great way to show that card-making doesn't have to be complicated!

  7. I love viewing your posts. You share some awesome projects. Love these cards. Thank you.

  8. Fascinating. I was extremely interested in how the function of the coat changed from color to color --from dress-up occasion in purple to warmth with the snow flakes. I choose colors and embellishments based on
    1) the taste of the person to whom I'm sending the card
    2) the occasion: little girl birthday, boy birthday, sympathy, etc.
    3) my own mood (including seasonal moods) at the time I'm creating the card. If I'm making a grown up birthday card and don't feel well, it's likely to be monochrome. If I'm doing a thank-you card in the winter, my colors are likely to be red/green, blue/silver, etc.


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