Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Red Bamboo Tiles

I've had several e-mails and questions about the red bamboo tiles I used for charms in my
that I posted yesterday. 

Q - Where do you find them?  

A - I have some in my Esty shop (20 for 2.75).  I bought them on close-out and I did a search for them on both Etsy and the web in general.  I can't find them anywhere else.    You could try to color plain bamboo tiles but most of them have a glossy finish so it's hard to dye them unless you soak them for a long time (I've tried).

I also have natural (which is a brownish color), cream, and green.

Q - How did I drill holes in them?

A - I didn't.  All of the tiles come with two holes drilled through the center (lengthwise).  I've never drilled any of the bamboo tiles because of this.  I have drilled a hole from the front to the back (if the tile is laying down flat).  It is very easy to drill because bamboo is so soft.

Q - Why do you put the Glossy Accents on it?

A - Since these tiles are smooth and finished the embossed image will rub off (in part or whole) if you don't seal it with Glossy Accents or something similar.

Q - What did you use to add the beads?

A - I used a long piece of wire that I bent in the center.  I threaded the beads and charm on the bottom onto the wire.  I then separated the two ends of the wire and thread one through each of the two holes.  Once both ends of the wire were through the top I joined them back together, added the beads, made a loop and then wound the excess wire around the base of the loop.

Q - How much wire did you use to make the charm?

A - I'm not sure...I didn't actually measure it but I'm thinkin' it was close to 12".  Sorry!  I will try to remember to measure it next time.

I think that was all of them...
If I missed any, please let me know ~
I'm happy to help when I can!


  1. You are always so good to share techniques with us. I appreciated it! Just wanted to let you know!

  2. Thank you for taking the time to answer our questions.


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