Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Gelatos Watercolor Scribbles

As promised, here is the technique I used to create this card....
something I'm calling
Gelatos Watercolor Scribbles

CS - Jan 2013 012

For this technique you'll need the following...

Acrylic Stamping Block
Heat Tool (optional)

Gelato Watercolor Scribbles 001


1. The first thing you're going to do is to scribble one or more colors of Gelatos onto the stamping block.  For this example I'm making a rainbow of lines.

Gelato Watercolor Scribbles 002

2. Next spritz a bit of water onto the scribbled Gelatos.

Gelato Watercolor Scribbles 003

3. After you spritz the Gelatos, if desired, gently tap the colors being careful not to mix them.  This just helps the Gelatos dissolve evenly in the water.  Again, it's totally optional ~ it will work either way and create two different looks.

Gelato Watercolor Scribbles 004

4.  Now stamp the block onto your cardstock.  If there is enough water on your block you can slide it around a bit for a more blended look.  That is what I did on the initial card I shared.

Gelato Watercolor Scribbles 005

And here is what it looks like ...  ready to be put to use on a card, in a scrapbook or other project!

Gelato Watercolor Scribbles 006

If you've never worked with Gelatos you might not know that some of the Gelatos have a beautiful metallic shimmer to them.  These particular colors are beautiful when paired with this technique and black cardstock. 

Here are Gold, a Purple & Blue ready to stamp....

Gelato Watercolor Scribbles 007

Stamp & slide...

Gelato Watercolor Scribbles 008

And here is the black cardstock and a couple other examples....

Gelato Watercolor Scribbles 009

Tomorrow I'll share a few cards created using this technique!
Hope to see you then!


  1. What a fabulous technique,I have never seen Gelatos before,great results.Jacqueline.s

  2. Hi Roni,

    Very cool. I must admit I like the first one the best.


    PS Your vacation sounds like it was a blast!!!!

  3. Hello, Faber-Castell Design Memory Craft here. Thanks for posting this- this is absolutely beautiful!

  4. Hi Roni,

    These are lovely. What stamping ink did you use for your stamped impressions.


  5. Love it Roni, your card is fabulous x

  6. I've never used Gelatos but this looks wonderful. Kind of a cross between pastels and watercolors!

  7. Beautiful technique. Love how you can change the look by stamping on an antique coloured paper as well.

  8. I've been wondering about Gelatos! What do they "feel" like? I love the look on the card you made. This would be something I'd like to try now. Oh, great...more to buy! That ought to make my DH happy!

  9. This technique is a lot of fun, Roni, thanks for the tutorial!

  10. Very cool idea! Thanks for sharing!!

    Take care and STAY POSITIVE!

  11. Love this idea Roni! I really can not get enough of my gelatos!


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