Friday, February 1, 2013

Vintage "Suede" Memory Book/Journal - Club Stamp Style

Today I wanted to share with you my alternate idea on what to do with November's Club Stamp - Equestrian Stampers Project.... 

This is what the original kit was designed to be used for.  It's really cute but not it's not really me and I don't like to follow instructions.  I like to do my own thing ;)

So, I racked my brain trying to come up with something western with a vintage feel because that's just me.  I thought and thought and finally I remembered something I had seen at an antique mall several months ago....

something similar to this....

I knew I could defiantly do something like this using the materials included.

The kit includes an amazing suede like paper that is very durable.  It was cut to make the purse but instead I took the largest piece intended for the body of the purse, cut it in half and used each half for the front and back covers. 

Club Scrap - November 2012 011

I took the piece that was intended for the front part of the purse, stamped it using the scroll work stamp, cut it to size, folded it in half then scored it multiple times in order for it to cover the binding.

I stamped and cut the corner pieces then adhered them to the front cover. Next I punched holes around 3 sides and stitched the edge. I stamped the entire back cover with the same scroll work stamp.

I used my Bind-It All to bind the inside & covers together then covered it with the binding cover .

Club Scrap - November 2012 012

The strap is a cut off piece that was also stamped.  I affixed it to the back cover using a star nailhead and it holds the cover shut with a piece of Velcro.

I left the center of the front cover blank because I'm not sure what I want to do with it yet. 

And that's that!
This dandy book could be used as a scrapbook, journal, signature book, travel memories, postcard album, etc. 
Not exactly what they were intending when they made the kit but it sure does fill the bill!


  1. True to your self...that's what I say! This is so unique & cool! I sure like it a heck of a lot better than the way the kit was supposed to be!! I'm not a "western" gal either but this works!! Right on Roni!!!

  2. I love this, Roni. I like the original idea too. But when we let our imaginations run wild (like these horses), that's when our creativity blooms. Kudos for your really beautiful work here. This Equestrian line is great because it's defined without being CONfined.


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