Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Stamping fun...

Just a couple cards for you to enjoy...
The first card is for all of the folks across the country "enjoying" winter!
We're getting ice at the moment but it's for casted to change over to snow later this afternoon.
I hope everyone is safe and warm!
(all stamps - Just For Fun Rubber Stamps)
Did you realize that Easter is very early this year?
I didn't until I was flipping through my calendar looking for a date for someone.
It's March 31st!
Not long now...
So here is a card to get you in the mood...
and maybe out of the winter blues
since we can all start thinking about Spring!
That's a happy thought isn't it?
(all stamps - Third Coast Rubber Stamps)
Tomorrow I will be participating in a Club Scrap Blog Hop!!
Everyone will be showing off their talents using this months - Up, Up and Away kits.
I kind of went overboard with this one so I'll share some tomorrow
and then a few more later in the week ;)
Ya know it's hard to stop stampin' once you get in the groove - LOL!!
Anyway, hope you all have a great day!

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  1. Really?? Easter is THAT early? I have a ton of B-day cards to make & now Easter as well. Give me strength of Inky One!!!


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