Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Lacy Embossed Bamboo Tile Charm

Today I wanted to share a fun charm to make using your bamboo tiles or game pieces....

All you need is

lacy bamboo domino charm 002

Bamboo Tile
Paper Doily
(optional) Double Stick Tape (like ATG)
(Optional)Embossing Buddy Powder
Embossing Ink
Embossing Powder - I'm using white
Heat Tool
Crystal Lacquer, Glossy Accents or similar medium
(optional) Beads


The first thing I like to do is to add a bit of removable double stick tape to the back of the tile and press it onto my work surface.  This way it holds it in place so it doesn't slip while you add the embossing ink.

Now that your tile is secured to your work surface, if desired, give it a swipe with your embossing buddy powder to ensure there are no oils from your skin on the tile. 

Hold the doily tightly over the domino with one hand and tap the ink over the doily with the other. 

lacy bamboo domino charm 003

Gently remove the doily lifting it straight up off the doily....don't slide it off or you'll smear your ink.

Sprinkle with embossing powders, shake off excess and heat to set.

Cover the embossed design with Crystal Lacquer or Glossy Accents to seal the embossing other wise it could flake off. 

NOTE: I skipped this step as it would have taken too long to dry cause I wanted to show you my finished charm....  I applied the CL afterwards.

Here are just a few tiles I made...they are so addictive once you get started you'll have a tough time stopping ;)

lacy bamboo domino charm 005

String it up with your desired combo of beads, wires and charms!
Here's mine!!
Just in time for Valentine's Day!!

lacy bamboo domino charm 006
Would you like to win some of these tiles so you can give this technique a shot?
Well simply post a comment telling us what your favorite Valentine's Day memory is...
be it flowers, sweets, a special dinner, etc.  or simply post a comment about the charms. 
It's up to you ~
either way you'll be entered to win
20 of these nifty RED bamboo tiles for your own! 
You'll have until  2-11-13 to enter.
Good Luck Everyone!!!


  1. Those are beautiful! I especially like the one in the middle. The red really shines when you cover it with a lot of the white EP. My favorite valentines memory is my wedding 26 years ago. (wow, is it really 26 years already?!)

  2. These are wonderful! I think the best Valentines memory was a card my 2 girls created when they were I think 6 and 8, they wrote a poem telling me what a great Mom I was! Didn't last long as they turned into teenagers but it was sweet!

  3. These are so pretty!! I haven't been brave enough to drill anything that small through the middle!

    I love Valentine's Day-there was a time I didn't LOL. One Valentine's Day my now hubby and I went to the High Museum in Atlanta for a Valentine's Day thing. It was very nice and a special way to celebrate the holiday. :)

  4. What a great idea.
    Did you drill the tiles? I always wonder about doing that.

  5. Those are quite beautiful. I've never seen them in red. Perfect for Valentine's Day!

  6. These are super. I love the red color of the tiles but I don't know where to find them. I would love to make some.

  7. My favorite Valentine's memory is from the year that I did not make a Valentine for my son(thinking that he was getting too old...)He told me he was sad at not getting it, and missed it...so I knew that he really did appreciate all the little things I did...even if he never had said so before.

  8. Hi Roni! I love the tiles!!!!
    My favorite memory of Valentine happened on Valentine day, years ago, in the wedding of a couple of friends. My boyfriend came across a lot of people that was waiting for the wedding to start, with a beautiful bouquet of pink tulips to offer me, in front of everybody.
    The boyfriend is long gone, but the memory is still very special.

  9. ohhh so pretty! I love these! and as always I love your tutorials!!

  10. This would be great for the back of dominoes, too! Cool idea.

  11. Every Valentine's Day has been my favorite--my husband often writes me little poems!

  12. Love the little charms, they are soooo cute! One of my favorite Valentine's memory was just last year when I came up with a really fun fabric postcard for my friends with a heart on it with an eye in the middle, with the caption: I have my eye on you!

  13. you come up with the coolest ideas! Thanks!

  14. Love these red tiles and what you did with the charms! Favorite valentine memory: a post-it note from my son when he was really little that says "I love you"--and I still have it almost 25 years later. Ane

  15. These are so pretty!! Once again, I'm stunned with the "things" you come up with...in a good way, of course!!! All Valentine's Days are my favorite! I still have cards from my kids and cards from their kids now too! I love the handmade ones and the special notes written in them! Plus my hubby is sweetest on that day too!! (He better be!!)

  16. Love the charms! Cool way to imprint a lacy design. Think I'll try it on something else. Thanks for sharing.

  17. Hey roni love the tiles my fav memory for valentines day is of my dad every valentines day I would get 2 gifts I'm allergic to peanuts and peanut butter he would search hi& low to find me candy w/o the offensive nut!!usually it would b such a small box that he would get me a stuffed animal or flowers!im alot older now and he's been gone for awhile & I miss him & the valentines!

  18. What pretty charms! My favorite Valentine's memory is the one where my husband made origami heart boxes and put messages inside, he then hid them all over my scrapbook room.


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