Sunday, August 21, 2011

Vintage Postcard Sunday - This and That

Today I have an assorted lot of postcards to share with you.

The first two cards are from Vermont....
Univ. of Vermont

Vintage Postcards 015

And the Unitarian Church.

Vintage Postcards 013

Next is a fun postcard that is a Before and After of Mount Rushmore!
I've never seen a card like this before so I knew I had to buy it when I found it.

Vintage Postcards 006

I know the photo isn't the best but it's a vintage Russian postcard!
It's the only card in my collection from Russia and probably will be the only one since it doesn't exist anymore.

Vintage Postcards 012

And finally here is a classic ~
One of the best know types of vintage postcards...the image lettered postcard!
This was was sent from New Mexico back in the 30's for one penny!

Vintage Postcards 005

Hope you're all having a wonderful weekend!!


  1. Those were fun to look at - thanks! Especially enjoyed the Mt Rushmore one since we've been there.

  2. Great postcards Roni! I too really enjoyed the Mt. Rushmore. They do not sell postcards like that anymore.

  3. I collect postcards too. I'll have share on my blog one dY. Ni love your new finds.


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