Monday, August 8, 2011

Charms Rec'd...

The charms are just pouring in...   I am still waiting on a few packages that have been mailed and are in the mail system somewhere.  I'm thinkin' they should be here in the next day or two. As soon as I receive those I will begin sorting, repackaging, posting and have them on their way.  I am beginning to photograph each charm/set of charms so I'll be able to share each one with you all so you can see the amazing work everyone has put into these little gems!  I tell you, they are amazing.

Here is a run down of the charms rec'd over the weekend....

Inky Patty....the birds have landed!  Beautiful ~ love the texture and color :)  My fav!

Helen C....Amazing charms each and every set!  From the blue heart to the funky "eye" bead to the heart shamrock, they are all beautiful.  You had nothing at all to worry about :)  Everything is perfect!  Thanks for the awesome "ausie" goodies...I LOVE DRD!  And I have to say you all have some way cool money!  It's all collage-y, colorful and even has a little window! Wish our money was that fun.

Becky W....Love the caps!  Each one is so unique and all those tiny beads!  Must have taken forever.  Thanks for the charm :)  I appreciate it sweetie!

Sue A....Your charms have landed!  Love all the little bits ~ simply beautiful charm!  Thanks for the extra...I will wear it with pride!

Connie B....make a wish upon a skull - tee hee hee...both sets are super!  that skull is my fav. though!  Thanks for the extra goodies.  I'm thinkin those spoons are beggin' to be turned into charms!  Can't wait to mess with them.

Neil....Excellent charms ~ they are very cool and I love how you used the full size image on your tag! 

Andrea G....Love the game pieces, colors, wire....they all work together in perfect harmony!   Is that seriously an Australian Penny?  Those suckers are huge!  Ours are like 1/3rd the size - LOL!! 

Olga B....mums the word on these little gems!  Very pretty :)

Whew...quite the run down huh?  Well I can tell you these combined with the other charms already rec'd filles a full size laundry basket!  I will share a pic. of this stack along with all of the individual charm images once they are back in the mail....not till then so you'll just have to suffer a bit longer - LOL!!


  1. Roni it sound as if you have your work cut out for you. Cannot wait to see all the amazing charms your faithful
    followers have created!

  2. It's so fun to read your reactions to each charm submitted! I can tell you're having fun being the swap master... thanks again for organizing the swap. Anticipation here.....

  3. I'm glad you did another charm swap, I'm just sorry I was unable to join in. I'm looking forward to the next one! On your first charm swap, I made two sets so I was able to give one of the sets to my mother. She loved it, and wanted to know how I did it...I don't think I will have any trouble convincing her to join in the next time!


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