Thursday, August 18, 2011

Altered Charm Swap Results - Pt II

Here is the next installment of altered "mixed media" charms from our charm swap. 

( I know there are lots of photos and it takes a while to load but it is so worth it!  These charms are really amazing. .... Now you see why I'm posting them in 3 installments. - LOL!!)

Today's first charm was created by Von using stamped, alcohol inked and twisted shrink plastic.
Each charm was unique and special in it's own way.

Charm Swap 026

Next are Diane K's charms which each featured a different bead configuration. 
Diane correct me if I'm wrong but I believe that many of the featured beads were hand made.
Charm Swap 027

Sandy L. created the "Bliss" charm using  variety of stamps, inks, chain and shrink plastic! 
Simply lovely!
Charm Swap 029

Sherry E. created this vintage sewing themed charm which was decorated with a pattern & vintage woman on one side and was stamped with white ink onto a black background on the other.  Each charm was then adorned with different metal sewing related charms.
She also used the TH dress form die as her "tag" to hang it from!

Charm Swap 030

Pam J created 3 sets of charms for the swap.  The first set has a very unique and modern feel.  The base is a piece of screen with 3 washers (alcohol inked) mounted on the screen and a tiny butterfly attached.   Her second set also has a butterfly theme but with a touch of wire wrapped around a piece of laminate sample!  Finally her third set was a bottle cap charm that incorporated several different vintage images.  All very pretty.

Charm Swap 033

Carolyn  created 3 sets as well.  Her first set had assorted vintage children with a Halloween theme (check out her adorable bats that were holding each charm); Her next set had a very regal feel with various images of this queen (I think) on a poker chip she painted copper! Finally her third set was created from a puzzle piece taken from a map of the united can see my piece has fragments of Pennsylvania and Virginia.  On each piece she added a vintage image of a child.  Each set so very unique!

Charm Swap 034

Shirley was away on business but took a pile of beads and findings to create some beautiful beaded charms.  Each charm was different but all very beautiful!
Charm Swap 035

Debbie V created 3 sets of charms and hers each had a unique flair to them.  The first set had an eye catching bright red skull for it's focal point and was paired with a "typewriter key" looking charm.  I'm not exactly sure what she made her next set from (maybe she will fill us in) but it looks like a small piece of glass or acrylic which she has adorned with a few additional pieces.  Her third set consisted of a pendant which housed a variety of vintage images covered with Glossy Accents (or something similar).  Told you...each very unique but also way cool!
Charm Swap 036

Jo J. created two sets the first being a rockin' felted ball!!!  I've always wanted to try this...I even have the yarn, just have to find time to do it.  Her second charm incorporated a beautiful painted bead as it's focal point which was paired with blue and green faceted beads.
Both very lovely!

Charm Swap 038

Candy C made a beautiful assortment of charms each with a pendant housing a different message or image in each.  They in turn were adorned with a variety of pieces.  I loved this saying and couldn't pass it by!

Charm Swap 039

Sherry (a.k.a. Creatology) made three very different sets... the first being a unique charm made with what looks like a pony tail holder or rubber "o" ring...I can't tell which.  It was embellished with bits of copper wire (mmmm gotta love copper) and pink beads!  Her second set was tempting enough to make a person crave chocolate!  These charms featured various images of chocolate treats on each side....I chose my fav. a buckeye!!  Yum!  Finally her third set reminded me of autumn or Christmas with the beautiful pine cone image and assorted beads!
Charm Swap 040

Peggy R's charm was this fun and funky fabric and bead arm with a delicate hand charm!!

Charm Swap 043

Told you it was an amazing swap!!!
Bet you just can't wait to go make a few charms of your own
or if you're in the swap you're ready to pounce on the mail man huh - LOL!!!


  1. Wow! I am so amazed at all the wonderful and creative charms that were sent for the swap. I can't wait to get mine.

    Thanks for the nice comments about my charms. I was so worried that I was not going to be able to pull any "magic" out of the stuff I took with me to Phoenix.

    Thanks also for all the hard work you did hosting the swap.

  2. Holy Cow what a great selection of creativity! Charms make a wonderful subject for swaps, since they are relatively small projects with unlimited design possibilities, as we can clearly see here. Seeing these charms makes me wish I had had the time to participate. Everyone involved is going to love what they receive!

  3. Oh wow another selection of amazing charms :0)am so looking forward to seeing tomorrows batch

  4. Absolutely wonderful work! They are all so talented.

  5. My charms arrived today! They are wonderful. Just love them and will be very proud to where my charm pin whenever I get a chance to. Now I have to get busy making thank you cards.

  6. I came back to look at the Part 1 charms again and was pleasantly surprised to see part 2 was already up! The 2nd batch was just as amazing as the first. Great job everyone!! I'm gonna go check my mailbox right now!!

  7. Thanks so much for showcasing all this wonderful artwork. Really interesting how different they all are and lots of inspiration too. So much unique creativity. I can't wait for my share to arrive.
    Love JoZarty x

  8. Mine were in the mail too!!! yay! Love all the ones I received!!!... so cool and fun! Thank you everyone

  9. This was such a great swap! I received mine today!

  10. Too Awesome!! So many Beautiful Charms, everyone should be really happy they signed up for that swap!!! TFS Patti

  11. Happy Day - charms in the mail today! I love them, everyone is SOOOO creative.

    Roni - BIG TIME thanks for doing the charm swap. :-) Such fun!


  12. Another batch of spectacular and unique charms. BTW the poker chips were rubbed with adirondack mixatives to achieve the color. Got the idea after looking at one of your posts Roni.

  13. I love my charms but I would like one each of all the rest please.LOL What a beautiful group of charms. Yes, I made mine out of polymer clay. Thank you Roni for all of your hard work, although you did get to see some really beautiful art up close and personal.
    Thanks again ladies for my fab art pieces. I think each one should be its own pin.

  14. Thank you Roni! You rocked this charm swap. I got mine today and am blown away with the creativity of each charm. I am like a little girl on Christmas morning...opening each package with joy and wonder! I truly love each and every charm. This was my first ever swap and I am definitely participating next time too. Fabulous Friday and weekend...

  15. awesome just awesome job everyone..tfs..loves ya


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