Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Altered Charm Swap Results - Pt I

I had so many requests to see the charms I thought I would start sharing them over the next few days. 

So here is the first installment....  
They are in no paticular order and I tried to describe them to the best of my guessing skills.  I hope that the makers will post and take a bow as there are some wonderful creations here!


"The Whimsical Wren" created an amazing assortment of charms....
There is a bit of metal, beads, wire, shrink plastic and many beautiful collage images.
Charm Swap 003

as did Hecate (a.k.a. - KokiKokiCute)
These charms are so varied it's hard to list all of the goodies she used to create these charms.  There is wire, metal, glass vials, beads, shrink plastic, gears, photo turns, and much more!
Charm Swap 005

Next we have Ink Pattie and her beautiful blue bird...
Made from I believe embossed/painted grunge board and highlighted with metallic rub-ons(?)

Charm Swap 009

Julie created this beautiful metal flower from an orange soft drink (I think) cap, alcohol inks and glitter!

Charm Swap 010

Andrea - one of our Aussie players
created this beautiful charm from assorted game pieces, beads and wire.
Charm Swap 013

Next we have this great charm from Celina A. 
The main component was stamped clay!!!  How cool is that :)
Charm Swap 014

Jennifer D (a.k.a. - darqueangel) made two sets of charms...the first set was  made using vintage images of children paired with TH Fragments and the second set was made from glittery label holders and assorted beautiful vintage images.
Charm Swap 016

Caroline D. made two sets...the first being an awesome charm using a real penny which she hung a few pieces of shrink plastic Monopoly money from and the second set was a beautiful sea glass creation with various flower images decoupaged on the front.
Charm Swap 018

Chelsea (a.k.a. - scrapyardbutterfly)
made a beautiful assortment of shrink plastic charms with butterflies!

Charm Swap 019

Dixie (a.k.a. - Mom) made her rockin' charms using spoons, vintage women images and a few choice findings!

Charm Swap 020

Brenda S. made 4 very different sets....
one set was a little book with a flower on the front; a resin filled charm with a tiny flower embedded inside; a set using various metal pieces hanging from way cool guitar picks and finally various charms all created using polymer clay!
Charm Swap 021

Lori W. also made 4 sets of charms two of which had a distintive steampunk flair...a clock charm with a great patina, blue bead and fun gear; a Memory Glass charm that states "I am Steampunk" (which I am!!) with what I believe is a piece of shrink plastic gear; the next set is a clear bead wrapped with wire and has a hanging "crystal" and finally a glass vial with a bead hanging from the cap.
Charm Swap 022

Vic's charms were all shrink plastic pieces in a variety of designs all hung with beads and wire.
This is the one I kept!

Charm Swap 023

Connie B created two sets of charms...the first I like to think of "wish upon a star" is a beautiful string of beads with a sparklie star at the end and her other set is a nifty "Halloween-ish" (to me) skull charm!  Gotta love those red glitter-y eyes!
Charm Swap 025

So there you go....
Pretty cool so far huh?
Lots and lots of great designs to inspire you.
Tomorrow I will post the second installment of goodness!


  1. OOOHHHH- I am so excited. I hope I got all of these :-) they are all beautiful each in its own way. what wonderful variety... soooo gonna jusmp the mail person if i see them

  2. Thanks for the "sneak" peek! I'm glad you like my shrink plastic charms - amazing how small the stamped images became!

  3. Bravo to all of the charm makers in this round of photos. They really are all wonderful and unique!

  4. What wonderful charms! I have never made them but it looks like a lot fun. Nice job to all who participated!

  5. Roni -

    These are awesome! What wonderful charms. These ladies are just super talented!

    Elaine Allen

  6. These are so awesome! Thank you for sharing them! Definately some great talent!

  7. what an awesome array of!!..i am so sad that mine did not arrive in time for the swap....tfs..they are all just beautiful..well done everyone..loves ya

  8. They are all so unique!! I can't wait to get mine in the mail. Thanks for hosting this!!!

  9. I love how unique each one is! Thank you for sharing!

  10. What a lovely selection in the sneaky peak :)

  11. I am the maker of the I am Steampunk charm. The sentiment is from Viva Las Vegas Stamps. The gear inside is silver cardstock, cut with the Tim Holtz Gears die, and "aged" with alchohol inks. I tried shrink plastic, but it shrunk too thick for the charm. I had so much fun making these charms! I really hope Roni does another soon!!!

  12. Hey Roni, I so happy my charms arrived in time. Thanks for the sneak peek,they're all so wonderful.can't wait to get mine. Looking forward to the next swap. LOL

  13. Such very cool charms and so many unique pieces. How fun that no two are alike. Everyone really rose to this challenge. Come on mail...

  14. oh wow - these are ALL great charms! It's amazing they are all so different.... but then again, I am always amazed that a pot luck dinner turns out too. LOL That it's not a dessert... not that it would be a bad thing... never can have too much dessert. Maybe I need some chocolate since I'm writing about dessert! LOL Any wayyyy... the charms are awesome and I cant wait to see which ones I get.

    Thanks Lori for telling us how you made the "I am steampunk" inside gear! Very cool...

    I made the shrinky dink monopoly money hung from a penny and the sea glass ones. The flower image on the sea glass is actually an image transfer using little flower cut from a magazine. Then I put a little glossy accents on top to help the image from being scratched off if it's being used on the charm pins Roni is graciously giving us.

    Sure was a lot of fun... it is my first ever swap Ive participated in. Already looking forward to the next one!!


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