Thursday, August 11, 2011

2011 Indiana State Fair!

WHEW!!!  We are home....for a while there I thought we were going to be stuck in Indy for a good long time.  There was an accident on the edge of Indy near some construction which had traffic at a stand still.  We FINALLY made it through (20 miles of backed up traffic for a fender bender!!!) and made it home in one piece.

As promised I took my camera so I could share the fun of the fair with you all.  I won't be sharing all of the pics today....I took about 175 pics!!  Didn't realize it at the time as I was just clicking away at things I wanted to share with you.     I know photographing food is popular but I didn't take pics of ours as the food/eating areas were very crowded and congested.  I will tell you though we did our part in supporting Indiana food producers -

We at lunch at the Indiana Pork Producers tent (boneless pork chop sandwich)

Indiana State Fair 2011 072

and then after we walked that off we shared an Elephant Ear and I'm not sure about where you live but Indiana folks love to fry things and are proud of it.  Well today dh and I tried our very first Deep Fried Reese's Peanut Butter Cups.....  OMG ~ if you like Reese's then you'd LOVE these...they were sinfully delish!  They sell 2 cups for $4.00.  Dh said he was a bit put off by the price but after tasting them he said they were doing us a favor.  There is no way you could possibly eat more than one because they were sooooo rich.  Which they were but man were they ever good.   I have to say I would have more in the future but will reserve that treat for the State Fair...more often than that and I'm afraid I'd keel over from the sugar - LOL!!

Indiana State Fair 2011 084

What's scary is this place had all sorts of deep fried chocolate candy bars, deep fried Oreos, deep fried Butter (that's got a big eeewwww factor going on in my book) and deep fried Kool-Aid?!?!? Not sure how that one works but I wasn't brave enough to try it out.

Here are a few highlights of the rest of the fair....

Some of the rides....

Indiana State Fair 2011 127

The last few years the fair has highlighted a particular area or branch of agriculture each year and this year it was the soybean. They had these funky statues which gave a bit of info on why beans are significant to each animal/branch.

Indiana State Fair 2011 064

Turkey Hill (Ice Tea & Ice Cream) had a gi-normous Cow statue which was collaged with various labels from their product line ~ WAY COOL!

Indiana State Fair 2011 063

In addition to animals (which I've got tons of pics of...I'll share those later) the SF also hosts competitions among various industries in Indiana. This is the tent for the Sheet Metal Contractors of Indiana. They have several of these funky people/animals that the members have made.

Indiana State Fair 2011 058

They also have this neat green house which houses lots of beautiful plants...

Indiana State Fair 2011 057

There are so many other aspects of the fair I want to share with you (and I hope you'll enjoy them) so I'll be sharing more photos with you in the next couple of weeks on Sat or Sun. so be sure to check back in to see what other fun stuff we got to see & do at the 2011 Indiana SF!

Have a great evening friends!


  1. Did I enjoy these pictures of the fair. YES YES YES. I was born in Bedford IN but live in Kentucky but so love the fair. I'm getting too old (bad knees and hip) to go anymore so I so enjoyed seeing your wonderful fair. Kentucky's starts next week. Glad you had a great time.

  2. The Fair always makes for a good time! It was fun to see your pics... especially liked the pig holding a giant soybean and the sheet metal people and dog. Hmmmm.... can we make charms with soybeans?? lol

  3. 20 minutes!!! We were stuck in traffic for 7 hours after an accident last weekend here in Alaska. That is one of the drawback about living in this beautiful state, one road North and one South. At times like those I really miss Ohio where I grew up. I miss the Ohio State Fair, too!!!

  4. I have always loved fairs since I was a little girl. All the things to see and do and eat! Looks like your fair is a bundle of fun! Deep fried anything is good yet dangerous. Love the tin men. Glad you got home safely...

  5. It's so amazingly wonderful to see your photos of the state fair. To me, being from England, it is like something out of the movies.
    I love those peanut butter cups but do they give the calorific content of the deep fried ones? Scary..... but I'd still try them even at that price. We've had deep fried Mars Bars here!
    Lv JoZarty x

  6. Thanks for sharing your wonderful fair photos. Even though we live in a rural area and still grow lots of crops our local fairs have become so commercial They are no fun anymore.

  7. Love the fair photos Roni! Haven't been able to get out to our County or State Fair in years so this was a nostalgic look back!


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