Thursday, June 4, 2009

Parched Pigments (a.k.a. Heated Pearls, Molten Metal, etc.)

Yes, some of you were correct on your guess on the mystery technique ~ it is a form of the Heated Pearls, Molten Metal, and all the other names it goes by BUT those names are so specific to a particular brand, color scheme, etc I decided to call it Parched Pigments!

So many people will tell you that you HAVE to use Pearl Ex and glossy cardstock for this technique to work correctly...

I say....fiddle sticks!

You know me...always experimenting and trying to find more and easier ways to do things not to mention universal products so everyone (or most everyone) can play along without having to buy more supplies ;)

So I decided to tackle this technique and found that you can use it with any cardstock ~ not just the glossy variety (yes ~ the paper will curl a bit but once it's mounted down to your project it smooths right out) AND you can use it with just about any pigment powder!!!!! In addition to Pearl Ex you can also use Polished Pigments, Perfect Pearls, Jewelz Pigment Powder and more!!!


OH ~ btw, yesterdays example was made using white cardstock, Olive Vine Polished Pigment, Forever Green Perfect pearls and Antique Copper Pearl Ex in case you were wondering :)

Anyway, on to the technique....

Parched Pigments

(a.k.a. Heated Pearls, Molten Metal, etc.)


White Glue (Elmers, PVA, etc)

Pigment Powder (Polished Pigments, Perfect Pearls, Jewels Pigment Powder, Pearl Ex, Etc...)

Cardstock (glossy or not)

Mixing Tool (finger, stipple brush, paint brush, etc)

Heat Tool

Parched Pigments001


1. Pour out a good amount of glue onto your cardstock.

Just a couple of things to keep in mind...more glue will produce larger bubbles/wrinkles on the finished piece, less glue will produce smaller bubbles and you may be able to see your background cardstock color.

Parched Pigments003

2. Spread the glue out over your can do this with your finger (my tool of choice), paint brush, stipple brush, etc.

Parched Pigments004

3. Sprinkle desired color(s) of pigment powder over the glue. Some people add one color at a time, mix it in then move on to the next color. Personally I just add all of the colors I want to use at once then mix. Totally up to you...

Parched Pigments005

This is about the right amount of pigment can always add more after you mix it in if you would like.

Parched Pigments006

4. Mix and swirl the pigment powder into the glue....again, use whatever tool you fancy.

Parched Pigments007

5. Heat with a heat gun...this could take a while depending on how much glue you used.

Parched Pigments008

Just hold the heat gun over various areas and you'll notice as the water evaporates from the glue it will form bubbles all over the place...that's what you want!

Parched Pigments009

Once the glue stops bubbling you're finished...

This particular example used less glue, Pearl Ex and colored cardstock. Notice the smaller bubbles and some of the background cardstock color coming through the design.

Parched Pigments015

Parched Pigments014

Parched Pigments016

This example I used more glue, Club Scrap "silk" paper & Polished Pigments...

Parched Pigments010

Check out that mammoth grew even larger the longer I heated it!!!

Parched Pigments011

Parched Pigments018

Parched Pigments021

and finally this last example I used Perfect Pearls, a medium amount of glue and white glossy cardstock.

Parched Pigments013

Simply amazing isn't it!

Check back tomorrow when I'll be sharing a few cards I made using this great paper :)


I think it's time for another give-a-way...

So, if you posted a comment yesterday or if you add a comment on today's post or on tomorrow's post with the finished examples you'll be entered to win a bottle of Elmer's Glue and 3 pots of Perfect Pearls to give this technique a try for yourself!!

So, get to postin' only have until 6-9 when I'll draw out the winner using!

Good Luck Everyone!!


  1. Can you stamp in it before it is totally dry, when it is sort of gooey? Neat technique! Thank you :D

  2. i love that last example--gotta get some of those powdered pigments... cool

  3. I absolutely LOVE your blog!! I love to see what kind of 'mess' you got yourself into each day. I star all of your techniques in my google reader and read them over and over again!!!

    Thanks for the good reading!

  4. Trine from NorwayJune 4, 2009 at 9:05 PM

    ohh---again somting amazing from you.
    So easy....but sooooo beautiful.
    I relly hope I win again this time. I can't get this in Norwegian stores.

    Again THANKS A LOT for sharing this
    grea technique with us.
    Big hug to you from Trine

  5. Hi Roni...been busyhere but I do check your site everyday! I have never heard of this technique so again u surprised me! Where do you get the Perfect Pearls stuff? I would be game to try this out for sure...ty for sharing it...and ty for a chance to win! Cher

  6. Okay 1) GORGEOUS!!! 2) Can I peel the glue off my hands when I'm done? 3) Your little heat gun sure has seen life! :-)

  7. That is the coolest thing ever!! Thanks so much for the great explanation and step by step instructions!! I recently found your blog and was amazed at the number of techniques that were listed here- amazing!! I found you when you had the first pics here asking if anyone knew- and I knew, I would HAVE to check back!! Very cool!!

  8. I am always anxious to see what new technqiue I'll learn from your blog. Thanks for all your hard work in coordinating our blogclasses. :) Anxious to try this one when I get home from my class in Dallas.

    Peggy Sweeney
    Kerrville, TX

  9. Very interesting! I've never seen anything like this before. Can't wait to see what you do with that paper ;)

  10. wow cool technique, I can't wait to try that out.

  11. I just love your technique examples, especially the ones you wing up from alternative materials! I really need to get me one of those heatguns...


  12. Wow....when I saw this technique the otehr day I thought it would be so difficult to create. Thank you so much for sharing this. It looks fab!!!
    Will be giving this a try once I've finished this post.

  13. Love love love this. I had no idea you could do such a thing.

  14. would love to try this, but i dont have any perfect pearls/powedered pigments.. crossing my fingers..thanks for the chance! regards.P

  15. That's one I haven't seen before! Can't wait to see the finished project!

  16. I just have to try this, I wonder if it will work on a domino? Great work.

  17. This is a really cool technique Roni! Thanks for sharing :)

  18. Thanks for another great tutorial Roni Hpe I win so I can have a go :-D Juliet

  19. this is a really cool technique!!!

  20. How cool is that! Am definitely going to have to give this a try.

    bigsister_val at hotmail dot com

  21. Neat, I'll have to give it a try. Thanks for posting this and of course the opportunity to win.

  22. Yay - a new technique to add to my arsenal! Whoot - the texture is AMAZING!!

  23. Oh - and I don't mean to double post, but I just wanted to add that if I win I want to donate my goodies to Trine in Norway 'cause I have the supplies and she cannot get them where she is.

    Trine - have you tried some online US stores? Many will ship international for you! Roni or the folks here could give you some shops to try, I'm sure.

    Good luck, all!!

  24. I would never have guessed that you could make something so fabulous out of Elmer's Glue! Can't wait to see your finished items--that is often where I get stuck. I make a pretty piece of card, and then it sits in a drawer forever....

  25. What a brilliant technique, thanks for sharing it.

  26. Love this technique. Gives a wonderful background with great colors.

  27. I finally did this! Thanks so much for the tutorial!!

    Here's my project.

  28. Hee hee, I love how you include fingers in "mixing tools"! I'm thinking you used this technique in some of the ATCs you sent in the march ATC swap??

  29. Another fabulous technique, & you ake it look so EASY :) T4S

  30. I have some Perfect Pearls that haven't been used for a while. I even forgot how to use them. Of course I'll be trying out this technique. I can hardly wait to see your finished product!

  31. Wow. this was really cool technique and I just used it to make an ATC. Will post pics at my blog tonight. Thanks for sharing! I am a follower of your blog now! You have wonderful information here!

  32. I have a question. I am new and was wondering the difference >between< the pigments; telling the difference between what you can use on cards/ metal, and what you can use in cosmetics. Does anyone know how I would tell the difference?
    Any enlightening info would be helpful.

  33. Awesome!!!!!! Thanks for this cool tutorial so want to try this!!!


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