Sunday, November 16, 2008

Ink Stains Fat Book Swap.... finally over!

If you recall, I was hosting a fat book swap for some Ink Stained Friends. The main topic was women and we each picked a topic within that theme (listed below). We worked on 2 topics a month (20 pages) and in the end we each ended up with our 100 pages of women!



Bombshells - Nina

Classic Writers/Poets -Kelly


Driven Women - Carmen

Retro Women in Ad's - Shannon

Cowgirls - Dixie - my Mom

Independent Women - Phinny


Snarky Mom's - Andi

Famous Women - Crystal

Vintage Pin Ups - Me :)

Aged & Tattered Wings - Linda

We had a few bumps in the road and a few angels stepped in to fill our empty spaces -

Thanks Karen, Shannon, Crystal & Mom!!

Since they have started arriving at their destinations I wanted to start sharing each of the various theme results with you.

Here is the first installment -

Classic Writers

(you'll notice that there is one missing....I'm keeping that one back to be used in the book)

Dixie (Mom)
ISFB - Classic Writers 014
ISFB - Classic Writers 013
ISFB - Classic Writers 012
ISFB - Classic Writers 010
ISFB - Classic Writers 009
ISFB - Classic Writers 008
ISFB - Classic Writers 007
ISFB - Classic Writers 005
ME :)
ISFB - Classic Writers 001
Back of mine has EBB's Poem -
How Do I Love Thee - Let Me Count The Ways....
ISFB - Classic Writers 003
It's funny, several people have already asked when we're doing the next one! I think next will be a man themed fat book. Mom already has several topics picked out for it!!
...and someone else already themes after we finish up with the guys - LOL!!
Hope you enjoy these and the rest of the pages to come!!


  1. Those pages are all just breath-taking. Wow. It's just a gift and a joy to see them all together like that. I am so glad you are posting them all by topic.

    Oh - the second one is mine and I have the name on the back. In case anyone is interested, I chose Maya Angelou.

    Well done, Ladies!!

  2. These Fat Book pages are wonderful! How do you assemble them into a book, Roni? That is so nice of you to organize this swap!

    I love your page, Phinny! That black trim hanging down really adds a lot of interest~and I'm glad you informed me that was Maya~I didn't recognise her from that older photo, (and she is looking away from the camera). ~Erin Glee

  3. Thanks, Erin! And to sneak in and respond to your question before Roni gets here... We left the options open for each person to decide how they want to bind their 100 pages. I think I am going to follow Karen's idea of punching a hole on the upper left side and putting a binder ring through to hold them together. The thing about a Fat Book project like this is that the final pages really, really are FAT so I don't think a traditional book binding would even work.

  4. I'm so glad you shared these! I was wondering what a fat book was.....LOL :) I hope you'll be sharing more of the other themes as well.


Thanks for your thoughts and comments!