Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Ink Stains Fat Book Swap - Bombshells

The second theme for our recent fat book swap was Bombshells!

Someone asked me yesterday about the quotes on the pages. That was one of the requirements for each theme. You had to include a quote either from the person you were using for the theme or another quote that highlighted the idea behind your page. It was really fun to see what people came up with.

Lots of great pages for this theme as well....


Karen - WAY cool snake huh?

ISFB - Bombshells 020


ISFB - Bombshells 022


ISFB - Bombshells 019

Shannon - The black stuff in the corner is similar to garland - Very 3-D in person.

ISFB - Bombshells 014

Dixie (Mom)

ISFB - Bombshells 007


ISFB - Bombshells 008


ISFB - Bombshells 013


ISFB - Bombshells 009


ISFB - Bombshells 005

Nina - LOVE the tag & lacing on this page!

ISFB - Bombshells 004


ISFB - Bombshells 001


ISFB - Bombshells 002
oops! Andi's was stuck to the back of Kelly's page!
Sorry Andi!!
ISFB - Bombshells001

In the early stages of the swap some of us ended up choosing the same ladies to use on our pages. It was wild...Phinny and I had the same idea about several themes. Something out of the twilight zone but as you can see the results were all totally different. It's fun to see how different artists take a similar idea and make it their own.

Also, there were no requirements on the backs other than to include your name and the group. Some people got really creative and added additional quotes and photos on the backs. On some I included extra pics, tidbits of historical or totally useless information about my picks. I didn't photograph all of the backs but will be sharing some here and there :)



  1. sniff... my bombshell is MIA!

    LOL! Jane Manfield... is she hiding and being shy???

  2. So cool to see them all together like this. Every page is just amazing. So great to see the talent in this

    (Pssst.... LOVE the snake, Karen. That just rocks!)

  3. Sorry Andi ~ yep, she was stuck to the back of Kelly's - LOL!! She's there now :)

    Isn't it though ~ really is neat to see all of our individual styles!

  4. When I picked my Bombshell, I wanted to do something different from the rest and Theda Bara fit the bill! That photo of her with the skeleton is just so strange I had to chose her! The cobra was just begging to be stamped, LOL!
    Seems like everyone had a great time with their Bombshells....all the bling and sparkle!


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