Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Ink Stained Fat Book Swap - Retro Ads - 50's - 70's

Here is another installment of the Fat Book pages.

This theme was retro women in ads from the 50's thru the 70's. Now I have to admit this was one of my favorite themes. It was so much fun searching for ads. I found loads of them but when I saw my lady I knew what I was going to do :) You can't tell by the pics but it's actually an interactive page...sort of - LOL!! The main image is mounted over a piece of foam. The entire front of the page is then covered in clear yellow vinyl. You'll understand the rest when you see what the ad was for....something I've never heard of but Mom said she can remember it.

Retro Ads 50's-70's

(Shannon's Theme)

Me - Front

ISFB - Retro Ads 001

back -

O.k. how many of you remember margarine that you had to squeeze to make yellow? Wild huh???

ISFB - Retro Ads 002


ISFB - Retro Ads 003


ISFB - Retro Ads 005


ISFB - Retro Ads 006


ISFB - Retro Ads 007


ISFB - Retro Ads 008


ISFB - Retro Ads 009


ISFB - Retro Ads 011


ISFB - Retro Ads 012


ISFB - Retro Ads 015

Cool pages huh?

This was a way fun theme!


  1. OMG! Fun! I love, love, LOVE the pages for this one. Well done, ladies.

    This was a blast. I loved looking at all the ads also. I almost chose the last one, too, about "the harder my wife works, the cuter she looks." Bletch! I saved a file of the most blatant sexist ads from then, too. I am going to do something with it that shows what it was like for women back in the day and how far we've come.

  2. I had a wave of nostalgia. Turning the white oleo into yellow margarine was my job. It took quite a while and the grownups did'nt want to be bothered. My grandfather had a barbershop and had a lot of the same advertising on the walls. And yes, I'm old.


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