Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Blog Bash Give-A-Way #7 - Crafty Secrets & More!

Time for another chance to win something fun!

Tell me (or show me) what the wildest thing is you've ever altered...if you've never altered anything tell me (or show me) the wildest item you've ever made. It could be a funky card; ATC; a cool sb page; anything!

The wildest thing I've ever altered was a rat trap! Someone dared me so I did! Don't worry ~ it was a brand new one so no nasty stains or anything. I turned it into a Welcome sign and gave it to the person who dared me - LOL!! Simon is her dog - hence the dog collar & embellishments. The MM frame was mounted so she could change out pics as she wanted.

Here it is....


O.k....I fessed up...
Now it's your turn....
You'll have until 11-27 to tell us all about your wildest creations.

At that time I'll draw out one lucky winner to receive Crafty Secrets - Altered Art set of rubber stamps, a couple tinsel embossing powders and Maya Road chipboard wings key chain!

What's the wildest thing you've ever made????


  1. LOL - fun topic, Roni.

    Well, my wildest thing is not so much an ODD object, but a BIG one. I am altering an entire bookcase! Yup - it's vintage and really heavy with no back, just three nice, long shelves painted barn red. It's massive! I am sanding and painting and then decoupaging all sorts of cool images onto it. It's still in progress, but eventually it will be in my art room to hold my supplies or projects. So it's only fitting that I go wild and crazy with it and make it really my own. I've given myself permission to be as wild as I want because it's only for me and it's an affirmation of my own art.

    I find myself making things for other people or swaps that I tend not to make things for myself. (I bet some or most of you can relate to that!) So this is really a fun project for me.

    Fun! I can't wait to read about the other wild and crazy altered art out there.

  2. Okay, I doubt that anyone will be able to beat your rat trap for the wildest altered item!! I don't do much altered art, and what I do is very tame....so I'll have to talk about the most unusual project that I've ever done. This was back in college, for a sculpture class when I made a house of clay, inhabited by gigantic clay caterpillars. I had them crawling in and out of the windows etc. and lounging on furniture. I have a caterpillar phobia and this was an attempt to get over it! (it didn't help at all, LOL!)

  3. I altered some record albums and made them into clocks. I used a more modern cd for the center piece to mix old with the new. Old bottle caps were used for the numbers.

    I held a workshop a couple of years ago for several ladies and one guy. you should have seen the creativity that came out of using these basic items!

  4. the wildest thing i made was altering a barbie doll. i cut her hair so short that she aint barbie anymore. i designed her skirt with paper and made her hat with a chipboard swirl. an art doll indeed but surely, the little girls would not want to see her. lol.i also did a spool doll wherein her head is made of metal spool and yarns as her hair... they are on my blogs.thanks

  5. I don't know if this counts, but I once gave two of my troll dolls haircuts and tattoos! I didn't like the long trollie hair so I gave one of them a crewcut and one a bob. Then I used sharpies to draw some tattoos on them (flowers on the girl troll and a very wobbly skull on the boy troll)! Then I made a vest out of felt for the boy troll...very cutting edge!!


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