Friday, November 21, 2008

Blog Bash Give A Way #6 - Metallic Crackle

Hi Friends...
I hope you're all having a wonderful Friday!

You know, I've been talking about Ink Stains 1 year birthday for a while now. I *JUST* realized that it falls on Thanksgiving this year!! How totally wild is's one of those "goosebump" moments. You know what I mean...when things have happened or fall into place at just the right time. This must be one of those moments I tell you...

I had planned on having a different drawing each day from now until the 26th with all of drawings being pulled on the 27th ~ Ink Stains B-day. Well, since that is truly a day to be thankful for everything that has happened in the past year and the years to come it couldn't have worked out any better!! (See what I mean about it being wild!!)

So, with that revelation on my mind, I want to start off this b-day week by giving away a set of Metallic Crackle Distress Paints!

What do you have to do to be entered to win?

Tell me what you are thankful for....easy as that!

I'll start it of course I'm thankful for my guys (2 and 4 legged - yes, I'm the only girl in our household!!) and all of the gifts that God has given me but I'm also very thankful for my friends and acquaintances I've made over the past year through the blog. I was so very reluctant to start one because I didn't think there would be interest in what I do...but some friends wouldn't let it rest and an opportunity fell through giving me the time to dedicate to it. Well, THANKS TO YOU I've been proven wrong :) The blog has been a great success!! I enjoy reading everything you have to say and love sharing techniques and my work with you and love talking to you in e-mails. It really does bring me so much joy!!

I know it's been a bit lean here the last month or so but I promise after I get this next deadline under my belt things will improve. I'm starting to get the hang of writing each day and creating on demand (not an easy task I tell you). So I'm hoping to have a bit more time to spend on creating and sharing here.

You will have until 11-27 to post what you are thankful for at that time I'll pull out one lucky winner of a set of the metallic crackle paints!

Good Luck Friends

and know...

I am truly thankful for you all!!


  1. Happy BirthBlogDay!!! lol I just love your blog and look forward to the next year! I would love a chance to win the metallic crackle paints...YUM!! I am so behind and acquiring all of these goodies. I just finally got the Distress Stickles and now I need to work on getting some of the other new products. These are so on my wishlist!!
    Have a great weekend!!

  2. Happy early birthday. I'm thankful for all the great blogs out there that give me inspiration - I've learned so much in the last year and really have broadened my horizons. I'd love to enter and possibly win the metallic crackle paints as I just discovered these also after having watched Tim Holtz demo these not too long ago. Thanks for hosting this giveaway.

  3. Happy First Birthday!!!

    I am Thankful for the things that I often take for granted...

    A beautiful home, healthy kids, a gorgeous view out every window, the fact that I get to work at home, and that I am married to a man that has made all this possible...And pie.. Love me some Pecan and chocolate Pie!!!

    And, had it not been for your blog I would not have stepped out of my comfort zone and participated in a swap where I knew no one!!!! HUGE!!!

    Love this place girl.. Just love it.

  4. Wow your one year Blogbirth!!!

    I am thankful for my DH who has supported me through a major life change and never once question what we gave up so that I could reduce the stress in my life and be truly happy - what a guy!

    I am also happy that my family and friends are happy, healthy and that, so far, the current ecomony has not had any major impacts on those that I love.

  5. I am thankful for all my wonderful family and friends. I am thankful for the good health of my loved ones. I am thankful for the work the lord has done in my life and all the blessing he has bestoed upon me. I am thankful for so many things I could just go on and on and on!

  6. Hey Roni!!!!

    What a wonderful day for your blog-b-day to be. :)

    I am very thankful for my family. :) But also to God for bringing me out of my 'deep,dark hole' that I was in this summer. He is so good!!

    I am also extremely thankful for you and all the ladies I've met over the years on the computer. You are all so inspiring to me...creatively...and with your hearts. And I am totally blessed that you thought so much of my artwork to publish it in your book. Love ya, Sweetie!! Tight HUGS!!!!

  7. I am thankful for all the changes we've had to go through so that we could be where we are today. And, I'm thankful for the ability to pursue my passion without constraint (except those I tend to place on myself). I am also thankful for all the wonderful crafters and bloggers out there willing to share their passion!

    Happy Bloggy Birthday!

  8. I'm thankful for my Mother - she's a rock!

  9. I lost my dad this year, so thankful I still have my mom, and my two wonderful kids. Also thanking for my art friends that I have met on line, especially those I get to visit every summer!
    chris p

  10. I'm SO thankful to have art in my life daily and wonderful artist friends to share it with!

  11. If i wrote everything for which i am thankful, there wouldn't be enough room for anyone else. As you said, I'm thankful for God by my side, within me and around me. I am feeling very "footprints in the sand". I lost my dog, lost my mother and my son was in trouble, all at the same time. So it's taken two years to get through that, and I changed jobs too. Wow, so i'm thankful for His guidance, and now for earthly things. I'm thankful for every day and every minute of every day and for each person who has touched my life and who will touch my life.

  12. oh and a very happy blog birthday. You've given so much and I've learned so much, thank you.

  13. Happy Birthday! I'm thankful for health and my family. Love anything Distress!

  14. Happy Birthday!! Beyond the normal thankfulness of family, friends and health I'm thankful for folks like you that take the time to share your talents to inspire those like me that get the creative block. Thanks for the opportunity to win.

  15. Happy Birthday! I am thankful for every day that I wake up and get to enjoy retirement finally after all these years of working. I'm thankful for all my family and friends, and I'm thankful for the papercrafting community that I've many good, creative and fun people!

  16. Happy B-day!

    I am so very thankful for my D.H. and the four leged kids we have... Our house and the new found better health I have been working on (got a tread mill this year)...


  17. Happy first blogversary and wishing you many more to come. Well, there is lot to be thankful for. This year, especially I am thankful for my son who was born this year. Thanks you for giving a chance to win awesome metallic crackle paints. I hope it's my lucky friday. Please pick me..

  18. I, too, am Thankful for my guys, Roni. I am the only girl in our family. For a while we had a pet frog, (before we released it), and I insisted that it was female... "the little girl you always wanted" my husband teased me!
    I am so thankful to still be married to the same man after 12 years and still be in love... to have health , kids, a home, and the dream to grow old together. Not something I assume, as a child of parents that Divorced when I was very young.
    I'm thankful for your blog, Roni~you are the best!

  19. Happy Ink Stains B-day!!!! Oh my goodness, time sure does fly. Anyways, I am thankful for my family (my kids, husband, and in-laws), my 2 dachshund (Tank and Pixel), my doctors (I have been fighting brain cancer for 3 years now with their help), my friends (what wonderful meals they brought to me when I couldn't cook), and pretty much every day that allows me to live and learn from myself and others. I would love to get a creative infusion so the crackle paint would be wonderful. Thank you so much for the wonderful giveaway. How sweet it is to have the possibility to win something just for sharing with others what I am grateful for.

  20. happy blog birthday. we have the same birthday! for all the gratitude in my life, i am thankful for having good friends-- personal and online as well, local and foreign too! i am thankful for knowing so many people who has passion for the arts and for wanting to share what they know. i am thankful for a life of creativity, for indeed, i feel blessed to be able to come up with good works once in a while and lastly, for those who truly are appreciative of what we do, my deep gratitude for them.

  21. Congratulations on your upcoming birthblogday!!

    I am thankful for my "day job" that pays the bills and the company car I drive. I am thankful for my health, the food on my table, the blogger friends I made this year. I am thankful that I can still afford to go and get manicures and pedicures on a regular basis (love me some pretty toes!). I am thankful to be able to live in Southern California where the weather is warm for my R.A. I am thankful that God is a forgiving God!

  22. I'm thankful for:
    1) Having supportive family & friends who will always be by my side during my down times
    2) New friends met in the journey of scrapbooking / cardmaking who have been encouraging and selfless to share tips & techiniques

  23. Happy First Birthday!!!

    I am thankful for a wonderful family and a very understanding and loving hubby who knows that scrapping is my Obsession! hehehe! I am also thankful for the wonderfully selfless very talented artist who is always sharing with us their knowledge! Thanks Roni! You're AWESOME!

  24. I'm thankful for
    - my newly expanded family (just giving birth recently to a baby boy).
    - close friends who have stuck and gone through stuff with me.
    - mostly, a loving husband, my best friend. :)

  25. Hi,
    This is what I'm thankful for.
    My boys--
    I'm the only girl in our house too. I have four sons and an Airedale dog called Alfie.

    I have also made some lovely friends through craft .
    I have a roof over my head and we have enough to eat what more do you need!!

    Love Margaret x

  26. Happy Birthday (for the 27th)!! I am Thankful for my 2 daughters. I 'lost' twins so my daughters are a real blessing for me.
    Love looking through your blog and so glad you decided to 'blog'.


  27. Happy Birthday Ink Stains!!
    I'm thankful for my God-given artistic streak, which has been and continues to be like a seam of gold in my life. I couldn't be more thankful for the arty blogging community which gave me back a reason to get up in the morning when health problems meant that my working life was over. And most of all I'm thankful for the solid gold women who have offered their advice, help and sisterhood so generously on my journey.

  28. Happy Birthday! I am thankful for having time for my art. It seems like there is never enough time in the day--so on the days that I have time to sit down in my studio and work I am thankful!

  29. Happy Blog Birthday, Roni! Your site is a treat! Wishes for a successful and joyous 2nd year! I am thankful for so many of the same things as you, but besides my lovely family, I am also deeply grateful that I have a job that pays the bills and allows me to paint and collage!
    Happy Thanksgiving! ~Denise

  30. It's wonderful to read everyone's posts about gratitude, which reminds me that I have so much to be grateful for, too.

    This has been a hard, hard year with the tragedy and I am still in the middle of it. But I am so deeply grateful for the art community who continue to send prayers and support. I couldn't have gotten even this far without you all. And the art friends I've made online mean the world to me.

    I am grateful to have found Ink Stains and Roni and to be a part of something special. Happy Birthday, dear!!

  31. What an amazing year this has been for Inkstains! I still can't believe you were reluctant to start a blog because you didn't think you could contribute anything! You are my FIRST go-to for all techniques ink-related!
    As for being Thankful, I am thankful for the health of my family and for the time that I have to indulge my stamping passion. Creating helps keep me sane!

  32. Happy Birthday! I'm thankful for my wonderful husband who has supported every 'hobby' that I've started...all of them...and is building me a new studio to house it all. I'm also thankful for my 3 dogs and 2 cats and that they are still with us another year. My oldest is 16 and the youngest is 10...all considered seniors.

  33. I am so thankful for so many things, my family, my health, my friends, so many things to be thankful for. Liz

  34. This year, I'm most thankful that my dad has survived 2 cancer related surgeries and will be with us for a bit longer. God is good!

  35. I am thankful for my wonderful husband and my 4 legged "best buddy"!! I am also thankful that I grew up with a love for art and crafting that has fulfilled me through my childhood and adult life.
    Happy Blog Birthday Roni!

  36. HappyBlogBirthday! I love reading your blog and always learn so much each time I show up. I'm soo thankful for a wonderful DH who supports me in doing my art and I'm thankful GW signed into law another extension of UI Benefits so we are able to have a Turkey for Thankgsiving! huge hugs
    Patti V

  37. Hi Roni,

    I am thankful for the journey which is my life, and all whom have accompanied me on the way. I am even thankful for the hard times for without them I would not be the person i am today.

    Thank you I hope you will include me into your draw. Jaqi x

  38. I am thankful for God who has give me strength and hope in the last year. I know for sure He will never give me more than I can handle.

  39. #39 - I'm thankful I get to spend the holiday with family (and that it looks like the weather is going to cooperate for the long drive). Thanks for the chance to win.

  40. Happy Blogaversary Roni! And wishes for many more -- love your posts and inspirations. I am thankful for my family -- DH and I will celebrate 25 years on Nov 26 and our two great sons. And in the terms of stamping, I am grateful for everyone who gives so freely their work, inspiration and encouragement via the internet.


  41. Happy Blogday!!! [:
    I'm thankful for my family and friends. The reason im thankful for my fam. is because my mom is sick with cancer and we're struggling but its amazing how great our outlook and my mothers attitude is all the time. Im just thankful that shes still around because without her i think i would feel like a lost puppy.

    Im thankful for my friends because their always there espically when something happens and i need someone to talk too. Their pretty cool people.

    ~Brianna A.

  42. Happy early birthday day! I just want to say this is the first time I have visited your blog and I am in totaly love with it!!
    I also look forward to returning too!!
    I am thankful for a breath , to see my daughter grow up and I have an amazing wonderful hubby that supprts everything I do !! I am truly blessed!! It has been a while since I could say that!!
    I have one brick red plain old crackler paint and I love it !! I use it on everything!!
    thanks for a chance to win :)

  43. Happy Birthday ink stains!

    I am thankful for my son and his close friends who are all really good young men! They truly are kind young men.


  44. Happy bday..... same bday mth with me... hehehe..... ohhh i soo love to win the metallic crackle paints.... I'm thankful to be alive.... to be blessed with a loving family. I'm thankful to have close friends.... and tis wonderful creative hobby too...

  45. Just plain thankful that I have a fairly happy and healthy family that all lives so near to each other!

  46. Happy Birthday, Roni!!! Always enjoy looking at your works on your blog.

    I am thankful for my family and friends. They accept me for who I am. They supported me when I was down, bear with me when I lose my temper and of course they were around to share my happiness as well. I wouldn't tradw them for anything in the world. Lastly, I am thankul for God, for giving me strength to face each day.

  47. Happy birthday! I am thankful fo having supportive friends, IRL and in the blog land, people who believe in me but also challenge me.
    Looking forward to another year with your inspirational blog!

  48. What a great post. I'm thankful that I have the time and money to "play" with art. That is such a gift.

  49. Happy Blog Birthday, Ink Stains!

    I'm thankful for my family & friends, for being there for me whenever I needed them the most, through happy and bad times..

    I'm thankful for my scrapbook stash- for being able to create simple yet satisfying layouts..

    and I'm thankful that I've found your blog. You've shared so many techniques with your blog readers and you're kind enough to give give-a-way too! Thanks Roni!

  50. happy blog birthday! i am thankful i have a cat who makes me smile and a husband who makes me laugh, oh and my job thankful to have a job.

  51. Happy Early Birthday as well! We are so glad and know you have enriched our lives with your crafting & support. I am sooo thankful for my wonderful family and friends, and our special little kids, Hank and Tyler!

  52. So thankful for each and every blessed day I have with my newborn baby boy (until I have to return to work in 2009. A very happy birthday & congrats on your success!

  53. I'm thankful for family..what would we do without them? I love the crackle paints..don't have the metallics!! I just recently found out about your blog, but I really like it and your work because you use so many Ranger products, and you do a lot with UTEE, which I love, but sometimes find it hard to incorporate into my projects. Keep up the good work!!

  54. Kayla Ashbaugh(techiegurl)November 24, 2008 at 2:53 PM

    Happy Birthday,

    I'm most thankful for my family. They make me smile every day - I have no idea what I'd do without them. We all have our memories together and the inside jokes we always seem to create. Come hell or high water, for rich or poor -we'd always stick together (not like we have a choice lol!!) and find some way to make the best out of the moment.

    One time our power went out and we all decided to play board games, or create our own, even when we lost most of the pieces to them!! haha


  55. Hi Roni,

    Ive left something on my blog for you, jaqi

  56. I am thankful for two beautiful healthy boys and their great daddy!!! Far too often, I put the needs of work ahead of them and I am working on putting in back in the proper prespective.

    I'm thankful for their unconditional love!

    I would love a chance to win the Crackle Paint (so love this stuff) but, moreso, I appreciate the little fire you've lit in all of us to remember to be thankful! Have a very Happy Birthday and a very Happy Thanksgiving!!!

  57. One thing I am thankful for?? There are soooo many.....but
    I am thankful for Family and being a US Citizen....oh and Love!!!


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