Saturday, November 29, 2008

25 Days of Gift Ideas!

Today I am going to start my

"25 Days of Gift Ideas".

Each day I will be sharing a different altered/crafted goodie that you can make to share with your family and/or friends. Some will be quick and easy while others are a bit more advanced but all of them will be loved by anyone lucky enough to receive them! Of course if you don't celebrate Christmas they are still some fun ideas for any occasion.

So let's kick it off with a shadow box I made for one of my Mom's co-workers. It is a shadow box I filled with real and play baby items. You know those little sets of baby goodies for dolls...they are the perfect size for a 12x12 or 14x14 shadow box!! I also incorporated some of the babies booties and diaper pins. The photo was printed on photo paper then mounted to foam core board to lift if off the background. I actually doubled up the foam core board so the booties and diaper could be tucked under the edge of the photo.


The shadow box frame started life as plain unfinished wood. I prefer working with unfinished wood because I can then add whatever finish I want. For this frame I added a white washed finish by first dabbing white acrylic paint onto the wood then running a damp cloth over the paint working it into the grain as I went. Next I applied a light coat of a baby blue (to match the goodies in the shadow box) and again wiped much of it off with a damp cloth. You can't tell in the photo but it gives such a nice vintage feel to the piece.

The frame was quick and easy, the collage it's self took a bit of time but letting the adhesive dry really well before you mount the collage in the frame took the longest. I am so not good at waiting for things to dry! I want them done NOW ;) If you don't let the glue dry completely and mount it too soon your goodies may fall off if the glue hasn't cured completely. (Trust me on will just have to wait twice as long when you re-attach them - LOL!!!)

So there you have a fun gift for some new parents or even grandparents to kick things off :)

Be sure to check back tomorrow for the next gift idea!

Have a Wonderful Day!!


  1. That is very cute and creative. Thanks for the idea.

  2. cute gift. Not a difficult project. It's the process of collecting!!!

  3. Roni, you are truly the queen of infinite creativity. How you find the time to do art, write a book, host an awesome blog, be on design teams, do swaps AND be a mother, wife and work besides... well, it's amazing.

    Wonderful project. I have several shadow box frames (some small - 5x7" and some a bit larger) and I am waiting for inspiration re: the right theme. I bet you can do virtually any theme in a shadow box as long as the items / colors are coordinated. V, V cool!

  4. What a precious gift... You have 25 of these up your sleaves - can't wait to see what you have to share with us!!!

  5. What a fabulous gift! I can't wait to see what you do next!


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