Friday, May 25, 2018

Tissue Paper Upcycle

Recently I received an art order in the mail and it was wrapped up in a really cute piece of tissue paper.  Well you know me and paper - I couldn't stand the thought of tossing it in the trash so I put it into my stash. 

As it happens I needed a birthday card for my DIL and that tissue paper was just the ticket!

I start by cutting a piece of the tissue paper roughly the size I needed.  To give it a big more character I crumbled it up several times so it was more crinkly.  Next I trimmed a piece of cardstock to 4 x 5.25" and through my Xyron.  I carefully placed the tissue paper over the panel and smoothed it out making sure it was secure.

 Since all of the owls were different I wanted maximum owls, minimum coverage so I stamped the sentiment on a little leaf tag and added some free-hand pen work. The tag was then tied onto the panel using a bit of Prima's navy twine.  The panel was then affixed to a green card blank. 

I am so tickled with how it turned out, those owls are just darling!  I hope she likes it :)

OH, I just got a package with tissue paper that had cute little kitten faces all over it....I see another card in the near future!  

When you get pretty tissue paper do you keep, keep & use or toss???


  1. I'd sooner throw away my dinner as a piece of great paper like those owls! Whenever someone impugns your addiction, find refuge in the word "upcycle".

  2. Hello! how did you glue the tissue paper to the cardstock? PS= URL must host a name... what does that mean? I tried to leave my email but it wouldn't take it...


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