Friday, May 11, 2018

Project Swap - Part 1

Have you ever tried to follow someone else's instructions that didn't include instructional photos?  Well that was our challenge this month over at Imagine and let me tell you it was SO much fun!!  Today I have the project I made using Nadine's instructions (which we didn't know at the time.  It was all a bit secret who got our instructions and who's we received, that was part of the fun!  and this is what I created...

This is the card was lots of fun to create, I LOVE the Fresh Greens Kaliedacolor ink pad - the colors are so vibrant and well of course it does help that green is my 2nd favorite color behind blue.  

Nadine's instructions were clear and concise, so easy to follow. I was all good with it until I got to the step where she spritzed the excess ink (from braying the ink onto the cardstock) with water and then used the inked panel to pick up the excess....  Eeeek!  I really didn't want to chance messing up the lovely work but I did it anyway and I'm so glad I did!  The results were amazing.  

It was so funny...we of course couldn't wait to share our creations to find out who's instructions we received and how our project compared to the original...

To see how mine stacks up be sure to stop over and see for yourself...

By Nadine & Roni

Be sure to stop by tomorrow and see the project that Nadine created using my instructions!


Thanks for your thoughts and comments!