Monday, May 21, 2018

DecoArt Pouring Medium - Glass & Paper

Hello Everyone!  I am excited to bring you another installment of Acrylic Pouring using DecoArt's new Pouring Medium & Topcoat!

O.k..before we begin, I have a confession to make...I see art everywhere!  Dh and I were shopping a couple weeks ago at Meijers and we were adding a few cans of Bushs baked beans to the cart.  I happened to see this really cool looking brown "bean pot" type jar of baked beans.  I asked him if he wanted to give them a try all the while knowing I was truly only buying it because I KNEW that jar would be perfect (and so cute) to hold paint brushes - LOL!!  Well we had them this weekend so I washed it up ready to be painted ;)  Terrible I know - it's as bad as buying the altoids just for the tins - LOL!!

Anyway, on with the show... I started off by choosing my colors. Since my main objective was to paint the brown bean pot jar I wanted to use pinks and reds since they go so well with the brown.  In addition to the DecoArt Pouring Medium I used Americana True Red, Bubblegum Pink, Titanium White and Tutti Fruitti Crafters Acrylic (which is a few shades darker than the Bubblegum Pink).

And of course here is my objective...the fun and funky brown bean pot!  I was a bit worried because there are some words around the upper edge as well as a texture along the sides of the jar.  Not sure how it would turn out but as it happens it finished off pretty cool.

At the last moment I decided I need to add a bit of lavender so I used DecoArts Grape Taffy Crafter's Acrylic.  Mixed mostly with the 1:1 ratio - some had a bit more pouring medium by accident.

Layered my colors in the cup...

And started pouring!

I just poured it on until I liked what I saw.  You can see the pool of excess paint around the bottom of the fears - more on that coming further down.  So anyway, I let the paint drip off the jar and air dry.  Once it had dried I poured the DecoArt Topcoat on and let that dry as well.  Here is how it turned out.....

I am SOOO excited about how it turned out....

far better than I imagined! 

I just love how the colors flowed and blended, it is just so pretty!

Here is a close up of the paint over the texture in the glass... I think it adds an interesting dimension to it that an ordinary jar wouldn't have.  If you can see in some areas the paint was redirected by the little nubs of texture.  Pretty cool huh?   Now the only problem is...dh wasn't all that thrilled with the beans but I would really like several more of these jars to paint - LOL!!

I still had some paint in the cup so I poured over a canvas that didn't work last time.I REALLY like how it turned out....

A close up of the cells.

Not sure what I'll do with it but it is pretty.

After my original post about the DecoArt Pouring Medium several people asked about pouring onto cardstock/paper.  Well I did just that and this is how it turned out.  This is the paint that I scraped out of the mixing cups and pouring cup. I poured it all into puddles then just started tilting this way and that.  The paper did curl a bit while the paint was wet but after it dried it went back to a fairly flat state...nothing that can't be fixed when it is glued down to a project.  

It is just so pretty....and you could use it in scrapbooks, on cards, mixed media projects, collages, journals, etc. I think I'll try making some skins next!

Finally there were also LOTS of questions about waste and left over paints.  As you can see from this photo there was quite a bit of paint that had dripped off the sides of the bean fear, not going to let it go to waste!

I took 2 pieces of foam core board and pounced them into the paint....the first one has lots of bold color puddles that were made from a couple of spills in the box ;)  I never said I wasn't messy - LOL!!  This is an approx 8.5 x 11 sheet...

The second is more blended (except for that splotch of red) but it's still very pretty.  It ended up making more cells than the first pounce did.  This piece is approx half the size of the previous piece.

Just a few more close ups of the smaller piece...

I just love all of the designs in the paint.

And finally the last piece I dipped into the excess was just plain old white cardstock.  It turned out very pretty as well.  


DecoArt -
Pouring Medium
Top Coat
Americana - True Red, Bubblegum Pink, Titanium White
Crafter's Acrylic - Tutti Fruitti, Grape Taffy

Other -
Glass Jar
Canvas Corps - 4x4 Canvas
Foam Core Board
White Cardstock

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  1. I never tried paint pouring, but I love that jar. Hugz


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