Saturday, July 16, 2016

Stencil Girl & Imagine Crafts Christmas in July Blog Hop!

Welcome to the Stencil Girl & Imagine Crafts Christmas in July Blog Hop!  I am delighted to be able to combine products from two wonderful companies!

I decided to step out of the box and create something a little different for the upcoming holiday season....

I stenciled a decorative pillow for my living room.  I like to change up my home decor for the various holidays and I thought this would be a great addition to my decorations this year.  Actually, I'm in the process of making a couple variations on this pillow so that I can scatter them on both of our couches.

Here's what I did...

1. I started off by ironing the canvas material so I had a nice flat surface to work with.

2. I taped off all but the largest flower on the Woodcut Roses stencil.

3. Dabbed a circle of Dandelion Memento Luxe ink on the canvas where I wanted my largest flower to reside.

4. Tape the flower stencil over the yellow circle and begin adding layers of ink.  I started off with Angel Pink.

5. Add a second layer of ink using Love Letter Luxe and finally Rhubarb Stalk.

NOTE: While the inks are still wet they are blendable.  Once you iron the inks are set and no longer blendable.

And here's how it turned out!

6. I repeated these steps for the 2 additional flowers and leaves I added  to the design. 

7. Iron the flowers and leaves to set the ink.

8.  I wanted to add a couple of pine cones above the flowers and I started off by using the inside of the Pine Cone Woodcut stencil to ink up the center of the cone.  I used a bit of Rich Cocoa, Espresso Truffle and Northern Pines Memento Luxe Inks.

9. A second pine cone was added in the same fashion. Both pine cones were then ironed to set the ink. 

10. I used the Pine Cone Woodcut negative to add a bit of color around the edges of the pine cone to fill it out.  The pine cones were then ironed a second time to set this layer of ink.

11. In the corner opposite of the flowers I inked the Allegro Clef Mini Stencil with a bit of Espresso Truffle and ironed.

12. Rembrandt's Words stencil was used to add the background along with Flannel Grey Luxe ink.  After the entire panel was covered it was ironed to set the inks.

13. At this point I decided it needed a bit of greenery in the upper corner so I used a FantaStix to apply Apple Green All Purpose Ink in wispy strokes to give the hint of pine needles behind the pine cones and among the flowers.

14. Finally for a bit of sparkle I used a FantaStix to apply Champagne Mist All Purpose Ink on the pine cones and Gold API to the centers of the flowers.

15. Stitch front and back together and stuff.

Here are a couple close ups of the pillow...


StencilGirl - Rembrandt's Words; Allegro Clef Mini; Woodcut Roses; Pine Cone Woodcut

Imagine - Memento Luxe Inks; All Purpose Inks; Sponge Dauber; FantaStix

Other: Canvas Material; Batting

What would a Blog Hop be without a GIVEAWAY??!!!
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Good luck everyone...Enjoy the Hop!


  1. This is very creative. It will look great with other holiday decorations.

  2. Oh my goodness Roni, this is positively STUNNING! I like to change my decor per season (OR WHIM...LOL) as well as THIS is an amazing way to do it in a subtle yet beautiful way. Great job!

  3. Roni, your pillow looks great. brings me back to when I used to stamp on t-shirts and sweatshirts...haven't done that in years.
    stamping sue

  4. Thanks for the inspiration. I have some of those stencils and I might have to make a few pillows. Lovely.

  5. I like the pine needles effect!


  6. Ohhh! I did not know that you can heat set the Memento Lux inks!!!! So many possibilities just opened up. Thank you so much for a really sweet project that hat taught me a lot!


  7. Beautiful pillow and stenciling ideas. Thanks for sharing.

  8. What a great idea! Now I want to make one!

  9. delightful the idea!

  10. Wonderful way to customize your pillows for your decor.

  11. AWESOME! I really adore all your creations.


  12. What can I say but 'It's beautiful'!

  13. Amazing, this is so pretty and will be a great holiday addition to your home decor!

  14. Lovely pillow, but you probably won't have time to rest on it come Christmas proper. At least you've got 4 months use first.

  15. Love the combinations of stencils - and I'm thinking I definitely need that pine cone one! Thanks for the creative ideas.

  16. It's a lovely pillow, and your technique is pure genius! Thanks for sharing with us.

  17. The use of the pinecone stencils is wonderful combined with the roses. This has a holiday feel but could be used year round. Great job the design is spot on.

  18. Love this pretty pillow! Great colors!

  19. Adore your pillow, and such a fantastic idea :)
    thank you

  20. I love how this pillow looks like Christmas but could be home decor from Thanksgiving on.

  21. Beautiful pillow
    It really doesn't look that overly-much like
    a Christmas pillow - I think you could
    use it at other times.
    thanks for sharing detailed instructions.
    txmlhl(at)yahoo (dot com)

  22. Love the stencils on fabric ... what a great holiday design

  23. Very nice & another Christmas gift idea! I did not know that inks needed to be heat set. I knew that about acrylics on fabrics, just never thought the inks needed it. Thanks. cbfigiel(at)gmail(dotcom)

  24. Beautiful project, Roni! that pinecone stencil is now in my cart over at SG - because I love how you used it here. Thank you for the inspiration!
    susan(dot)chesley(at)yahoo(dot com)

  25. This pillow is so eye-catching that everyone who visits your home will want one! I'd never think to stencil on fabric to make a pillow...that just opens a whole new avenue for me! Thanks!

  26. I like your idea of scattering holiday pillows on your furniture. Very festive!!mcsuetexas(at)yahoo(dotcom)

  27. Great project! I am currently prepping for sewing some pillows but never thought to incorporate stencils. Have you washed any of these stenciled d├ęcor items? How did they hold up in the wash?

  28. Great project!! Very original your pillow.

  29. Lovely. I especially like the pine cone stencil...

  30. Love your beautiful project. Thanks for sharing directions.

  31. Really pretty. Thanks for sharing your "how to."

  32. Oh, how cool to have such a great handmade decoration in one's home! I may have to try this!!

  33. GREAT IDEA! That would be a lot easier and faster than what I normally do (quilt, needle point or cross stitch). Thanks for sharing.

  34. This pillow is gorgeous!! Thanks for more inspiration to remind me to use all my stencils for fabric projects!

  35. This is just so beautiful and romantic. I love the words stenciling for the background. Lovely in every way!!
    <3 J

    jwoolbright at gmail dot com


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