Thursday, July 14, 2016

Peg Stamped Wreath & GiveAway!

Lately I've been playing with my peg stamps and stamping things just to see what I could come up with.  Today I wanted to share a wreath I made using a color palette from a challenge site (it's past the deadline now but that's o.k.)

The challenge was oranges, red, brown and greens 
mixed together and this is what I came up with.
The bow was a MFT die-cut that I colored with my Memento Markers.

Before I get to the wreath I wanted to show you a little tip on how I store my peg stamps...It's done wonders for my stamping and it might just give yours a boost as well.

The sets normally they each come in a little container but after playing with them for a bit I realized that I was restricting myself to work set by set.  So I took all of the stamps out of their respective packages and put them in a container all mixed together.   

After doing this I discovered how much more fun they are and that a flower goes with a pine cone and a tiny sprig can be used for a holiday card just as well as it can work for floral designs.  It was freeing for me to be able to look at them all together and mix them up in my designs.

So I started off with this fern-y looking stamp for the wreath base.  
I used Olive Grove for the base layer...

Then added a layer of Bamboo Leaves and a few more using New Sprout.

A few pine cones sprinkled here and there.

And some berries using LadyBug (red) - actually these are blueberries but hey, now they are red berries!  Then sticking with the challenge color story a few mini 5 petal flowers in Tangelo.  I die-cut the bow and added a few highlights and lowlights with my Memento Markers, pop-dotted it on the wreath.  I finished it off by stamping the sentiment in the center.  

This was a really easy card to make and I can see this being something I'd make for the holidays as there is no right or wrong where the stamping is concerned.  I "low-stress" card for sure.  Something I think we can all appreciate when the holidays are looming.

This is a fun little thing I stamped up to show just how easy it is to create with these stamps...4 little stamps make a huge impact!  These are as a matter of fact some of my favorite peg stamp images as they are so versatile.  By changing up the colors and the design they can be used for so many different ideas.  

I would like to give this set of 4 stamps away to a lucky Ink Stains reader!  Simply comment below if you own any peg stamps and what you make with them -  be it cards, tags, use them on sb lo's or whatever.  If you don't own any that's o.k. too...tell us what you'd like to make with them if you owned a few.

You have until 7-23-16 to post your comment to be entered to win!

Good Luck Friends
Ink on!


  1. Fantastic idea to store them all in a glass jar!! I will be doing this immediately! Also I am the type if you can't see them, then I "forget" and rarely use. I had been doing like you and keeping them in their little plastic boxes they came in. Originally, I bought them for card making, but now I use the peg stamps in my art journaling... those are just the right size for adding bits of interest to the pages. I don't have the set you're giving away (very generous btw) and I agree they look so versatile. Your wreath card is gorgeous!

  2. Love my peg stamps! I have several from a few different companies! Love that cute fern you used as the base of your wreath!
    I make cards, tags and ATCs with mine! I love your idea of separating them from the sets... the ones I have that came in sets I have left in sets. I think I'll try what you did! Will get more use from them that way!

  3. I have one set of these stamps on wooden pegs like yours, another two clear sets and a couple of stamp sets that have these little images in them too and I just adore them!
    I'm really lucky because they create something very cute and extremely beautiful when used and it's all down to these awesome little stamps Roni I use them to create cards, ATC's, tags, for gift bags, to be honest for anything I fancy stamping.
    They can be a little more difficult to get over here but I plan to purchase more when I can afford them Karen xx

  4. Humm these are new to me I've never had peg stamps before so these look pretty kewl Little stamps, big stamps I love to use on envelopes just to add that extra touch plus it's fun to use them in a collage way :)
    hugs Nikki
    thanks for the chance too

  5. Great idea!! I am going to put all of my peg stamps together now!! I mostly make journal pages and cards, so these stamps would come in handy!! Thanks for the chance to win them!!

  6. Beautiful wreath! I have a few peg stamps...a couple to make cards and one for my planner! Thanks for a chance to win! =)
    The Leaf Studio

  7. I have never heard of peg stamps before and had to Google them to take a look. They look so much fun! I will have to put some on my wish list!

  8. I have a few sets, but have not been able to add to the collection for a couple of years ~ retirement has it's down side too! I recently used them in a class and introduced most of the ladies to them. We had a ball and of course another class needs to be arranged soon! This Christmas set would be just perfect, especially for gift tags! Thanks for the chance to win Roni.

  9. Thanks for sharing the ways you use your peg stamps! I have a couple of old sets but they're kind of random images that don't really combine with eachother. However, I'll have to take a second look after seeing how creative you got with your! I would love to win the fun stamps and make pots of pretty flowers too!

  10. I have some similar stamps and never knew what to do with them!! Thanks for the ideas. This is a set that I would love to win. Many thanks Roni.

  11. I never came across peg stamps before. Love the tiny designs and what you did with them. I would love to try them out. Thanks for the opportunity. I have a giveaway on my blog as well.

  12. I love these peg stamps, and what you did with the wreath looks fabulous too! I don't own any of these lovely stamps, but if I did, I would use them for card, and envelope idea's. They would make beautiful designs around the fold of an envelope, wouldn't they? smile Thank you for showing them, and boy would I love that starter set for me to play with.

  13. Love how your card turned out and thanks for the great idea of storing them all together to interchange packs. Could even number each group if you want to ever put them back together. Got get mine out and work with them that way. Would love that set to add to my collection. Edna Burgess

  14. Nice easy card that looks a lot harder that you made it seem. I haven't purchased any peg stamps and it would be nice to have a small set to start and see where to go from there. By the way your work is always great and I enjoy every post you do. Hugs :)

  15. Beautiful card! I would love to try this technique with embossing.

  16. Wow! Your card turned out great! I don't have any peg stamps, but would like to. If I did, I'd use them for my cards, especially inside by the sentiment and on the back by my signature. They'd spruce up both places!

  17. I love tiny stamps, but I haven't ever seen peg stamps. Your wreath is beautiful, and so is the bushel basket full of flowers. A great way to store your stamps to make you more creative!

  18. Most of my peg stamps I bought as singles. I have only 2 sets that are really sold as "sets" but I have always used them independently. My favorite recently has been the calico technique -- I just did 6 cards using that technique yesterday! I like how you have stored your stamps. It is better than the way I have mine. Thanks

  19. I, too, like to have all my favorite supplies close at hand but then that means there is no room to accomplish anything ?!?!?
    However, I do not have any peg stamps, but am intrigued by them so would Love a few to play with !!!

  20. Lovely wreath. I like the berries a lot! I do have peg stamps, I was just using my RST set today and I made a Christmas card. I will probably post it in the next several days. I have several sets now, and I have really been on the fence about whether to take them out of their original packaging or not. I also mix and match sets, but I am not sure! I am going to invite non-stamper friend over to try them and I may wait until after that to break up the sets. Thanks for the chance to win!

  21. I don't have any of these peg stamps but have borrowed a friends and have loved the cards I've made. What a great idea to store them all together and then use them randomly, thanks for sharing the chance to win.

  22. I have many sets of these stamps, and rarely use them. In the past I have made some lovely cards with these tiny wonders. Perhaps a clear shoe box container would hold all that I have--not sure. Being recently retired, I do hope to use those items that have languished for too long!

  23. I bought some stamps in Hawaii and I'm not sure if
    these are the same as what you are using. If not,
    I don't have any ped stamps but they look like they
    would be wonderful to use for my greeting cards.
    I will be checking into them.
    thanks for sharing.

  24. Ms Linda. Swtanxiety94@yahoo.comJuly 19, 2016 at 8:06 PM

    I have never seen peg stamps before. Very interesting. Your wreath gorgeous, and sparked my Interest in a different form of stamping. Thank you.

  25. I've really been enjoying your peg stamp projects. That bucket sample was very helpful. Thanks for sharing!

  26. OMGosh late as usual, how I want this, it is the cutest peg stamps ever. I love this idea. I'm interested in this method of stamping. Thank you for sharing....:-)


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