Saturday, April 2, 2016

Coloring Book Fun!

Today over on the Imagine Crafts blog I have a post up on how to use Imagine Crafts products to create a fun card. To see how I made this card please check out the post - 

I also have a few other fun projects made by pairing the two that I'll be sharing over the coming days.  Today in addition to the card I wanted to share a fun page I colored in my Sea Life coloring book by using Memento Dye Inks and Ink Potion No.9 to create watercolor paints!

Start off by adding a drop or so of the desired colors of inker plus a drop or two of Ink Potion No.9.

Mix 'em up and you're ready to start painting.

I painted this page using Memento Danbue Blue, Lady Bug, Dandelion, Tangelo and Grape Jelly Inkers.

Once your page has dried, you can go back in with Memento Dual Tip Markers to add highlights and shading to really bring your image to life.

For an added little pop of color and dimension I used Electric Blue irRESISTible Radiant Neon Pico Embellisher to color in the dots on the page.

And here's how it turned out...
You might be thinking that watercoloring in some of these coloring books won't work.  Not so...Since this is actually a bound book the book closes nicely which will help flatten out the wrinkled pages.  

Here's another page I created using a variety of blue and green Memento inkers plus the Ink Potion.  You can create a wide range of color from a single color of dye inker by varying the ratio of Ink to Ink Potion No.9.   The pink shells were painted with Angel Pink inker then a top coat of Silver Delicata was added over top to give it a shimmery quality.

I'll be back soon with more fun ideas for creating with Coloring Books and Imagine Crafts.


Imagine Crafts:
Memento Inkers; Ink Potion No.9; Memento Dual Tip Markers; irResistible Radiant Neon Pico Embellisher; Silver Delicata
Skyhorse Publishing - Sea Life Coloring Book


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