Thursday, December 18, 2014

Winter Nails...

Hey all...gosh can you believe just a week till Christmas?  I went yesterday and finished up my I hope to get it all wrapped but it's not looking good - LOL!!

I wanted to show you my nails!!  I am so excited.  Mom & Dad got me a GC for my b-day (back in October) to go to a really nice salon down in Fort Wayne and I finally went and had them done.  I had looked on their gallery on their web-site before I went and saw they did some fun designs so I went for it...


Yes, you all know how much I love glitter and the color blue so I had them do something really fun...light and dark blue glitter  :)  I thought it would be fun for winter and who am I kidding, I just like glitter - LOL!!    I am still getting used to them.  My natural nails have been taking a beating since I've been working at the building more.  They break off easily so I've just been keeping them short.  These are definitely not short so it's a bit weird typing with them.  My c's keep coming up as x's - LOL!!  I'm sure I'll get used to it again.

Love love love them!
Thanks Mom and Dad :)

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