Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Card Organizer - Holder Tutorial

Hey Everyone!  I hope you're all having a fun time getting ready for the holidays...  I am excited, tomorrow I'm going to have my nails done.  First time in a couple years - the place I'm having them done does some cool stuff with glitter so I'm going to see about getting my nails all glittered up :)  

Today however I have a fun project for you...  a card organizer or card holder.  I am making it for Club Scraps holiday blog hop (tomorrow) but I wanted to give you the plain jane instructions today because it makes a great gift idea for loved ones far away.

The basic organizer is going to take 2 pieces of 12x12 cardstock. Heavy cardstock works best because your organizer will be sturdy and stand up to use better.


1. Cut one piece of cardstock in half so you have 2 - 6" x 12" pieces.  Set one aside for later use.

2.  You're going to score the 6 x 12" piece of cardstock as follows:

2"; 4 1/8"; 9 1/8"; 11 1/8"

If you are using the Scor-Pal it's a bit easier...

Score at the 2" mark & fold; Slide the fold over to the edge and score at the 2 1/8" mark and fold; slide the fold over to the edge and score at 5" and 7".

Once you fold at the score marks your sheet of cardstock will form the outer covering of the organizer.

3. Cut the second sheet of cardstock 7" x 12".

4. Score the 12" side as follows: 1"; 3"; 9"; and 11"

5. Turn the cardstock to the 7" side and score at the following marks: 1"; 3"; 6"

6. Turn the scored piece of cardstock so the 12" side is at the top as shown below.  There are 3 small sections in each of the bottom corners that you need to trim away - a 1" square in the corner with 2 - 1" x 2" rectangles as shown.

(the cardstock with the small pieces removed.)

7. Fold the 1" flap along the top down and tack it down.

8. Fold the 2" square flaps down and apply adhesive to each.Stand the 12" piece up and adhere the 2" square flaps to the 2" x 3" sides.

9. The inner container of the organizer is beginning to take shape.  Apply adhesive the the corners of the final flap as shown and adhere to the 1" flaps.

10.  The container slides into the outer shell of the organizer as shown... Glue the bottom and 1" flaps to the organizer.

11.  Cut a 4" x 6" piece from the original piece of cardstock that was set aside.  Adhere it to the 1" flap of the organizer shell.  A pocket will be added to this flap in the decorating stage to hold postage stamps!

Here's what the basic organizer looks like assembled....

and with the lid folded over and shut....

Be sure to stop back tomorrow to see what the finished organizer looks like, how I decorated it with the holiday Club Scrap Kit and the cards I made to tuck inside!  Hope to see you then :)

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  1. The queen of the difficult fold. Love it but I don't think I'll try it.


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