Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Club Scrap Lakes Blog Hop

Happy Wednesday Friends!  Can you believe it's the end of November already?  This month (year) has just flown by.  As you know by now the last Wednesday of the month brings along with it the Club Scrap Blog Hop!  This month's kit - Lakes - is simply beautiful...even if you don't live at a lake you'll find lots of inspiration in these lovely watercolor colors.  

I knew the instant I saw this kit that I wanted to do something that really let the colors and patterns shine.  I tried to think of a project that I could use LOTS of paper so it would pack a big color punch. I finally decided upon a Star Book!  If you've never seen one, it's a super fun way to let the paper become the "star" of the show ;)

At first glance the book looks like any other mini album.

But open it up and it's an explosion of color!
Here's what the book looks like from above....

And looking at it from an angle...
Just look at all those wonderful layers of paper.

And from another angle....
Fun huh?
Sure to make quite an impression with everyone that sees it.

I'll be back on Friday with step by step instructions.
Until then....

Canoe believe it?
It's been a full year following Gnomie on his travels.
This week he's at the lake...

Next month you'll meet Gnomies new friend!
I can't wait :)

Hope you've enjoyed your stop here at Ink Stains...
Happy Thanksgiving Friends - 
Stay Inky :)

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  1. Very creative. I've always wanted to learn how to do this type album...I'll be back for instructions. TFS...

  2. Your star book is lovely and of course I love the gnomie as well.

  3. Such a cool star book Roni!! You are so clever! And I love all of those luscious colors!!

  4. The star book is beautiful!! The Gnome looks so happy at the lake!! Love it!!

  5. Roni, this book is the star of the show!! WOW, what an impact and can't wait for the tutorial!
    And of course, LOVE the Gnome ready for a canoe ride. The idea to use the turquoise vellum as water is fantastic! Why have I never thought of that?!?! :) Great job!

  6. Fantastic, once again! The star book is a beautiful way to showcase these papers. You should make one again in January when we release the "Constellations" kit. (LOL--yes, that was a spoiler leak, but heck, we'll be announcing January's theme on Monday.) And your gnomie card is adorable, as well! Thank you for hopping with us each month!

  7. Wonderful starbook!! and I love the traveling Gnome. Wonder what he is up to.........!

  8. The star book is beautiful Roni! That Gnomie sure gets around doesn't he? Have a great day Roni!

  9. Love how this turned out! I would love to see this "in person". I'll have to wait for your tutorial so I can make one for myself!

  10. Love the star book and the card is so cute!

  11. Star books are so much fun! I would not have thought of that with these papers - but what a great idea. Gnomie sure is having fun this month,too.

  12. I forgot how cool the starbook is, yours is great with the Lakes papers.
    So great how well the Gnome works with the canoe, so darn cute!

  13. Gorgeous. And looking forward to the instructions. I love your continued use of the gnomie!

  14. This kit makes an awesome Star book. Gnomie looks as though he's enjoying his time at the lake.


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