Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Poe - Alive or Dead...or Both!

Today I wanted to share a fun Halloween card I made for the Altered Pages blog.  We have the pleasure of working with Art Anthology paints this month.  I don't know if you've had the opportunity to see or work with them but I'm having fun.  They offer a range of dimensional paint which comes in 3 different finishes (Sorbet - has glitter in it; Velvet - has a matte finish; and Effects - which comes in a Metal or Stone finish).   I have found that the Sorbet paints are semi translucent with thinner coats which adds a whole new twist to them.    The card I'm going to share with you today takes advantage of that translucent quality.  Check it out....


PanPastels - Black
Art Anthology - Sorbet Dimensional Paints - Trolley Grey, Imperial, Stencil
Altered Pages - Collage Images
Stamp Sentiment - DeepRedStamps
Spellbinders Dies

I started off by applying black PanPastels over the AA stencil and sprayed it with hair spray to set the pastels.

Once the hair spray had dried I applied a layer of the Art Anthology paint over the entire piece. This is Trolley Grey  - I love it because it's a neat color BUT it's also got glitter in it for just the right amount of sparkle!

Next I started playing with Poe...  I printed out his photo and then I printed a skull roughly the same size of his head ~ which took me a couple tries but I got it.  I then used my exacto knife and cut around the edge of his hair around his face on the right hand side of the picture.

I cut the skull in half and slipped it under his hairline to make sure I could line it up correctly.  I then glued it in place when I had it where it looked best.  After the glue had dried I painted the "dead" side of him.  He was then fussy cut and set aside.

Collage Images - Altered Pages

Next I took a piece of grey cardstock and painted it with Imperial (purple) Sorbet (the kind with glitter in it).  I applied the paint in a thicker layer and added lots of brush stokes in different directions which is really apparent in person because of the dimensional aspect of the paint.

And here's how it turned out....

You can see a bit of the dimensional texture in this photo....

So there you go...
Hope you're all having a spooky fun October!


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